Shoe Cookies

Remember my friend P. from work? Well, for Christmas I made some cookies for my mother as a Christmas present. This was prior to blogging so I dont have any photos of that. Anyway, as my mother loves shoes (and I mean LOVES shoes, she used to have them inside her closet, nightstand, behind the curtains, you name it and there were shoes), so I made her shoe cookies with a cookie cutter I bought in Salem when I was visiting there. Of course, shipping a ton of cookies isnt cheap, so I selected the best and sent those. My mother was very happy with custom made cookies (they were also purple and had sparkles so all great). My colleagues were also happy as they got to eat all the ones not deemed worthy for my mother. Ever since then, my friend P. has begged me for shoe cookies, but as cookies take time I just havent made them yet. Then, a few weeks ago, she resigned with a notice period of three months. So I promised her I would bake her shoe cookies before she would leave the company. After all, I had promised... Then suddenly, with 3 more weeks to go, it was announced she was leaving in two days!! (no fault of her I can assure you). With a busy day on Wednesday, I only had Thursday to bake, so there I was, in the kitchen, until 11pm making custom shoe cookies. P. loves pink so they all had to be pink. Well, about halfway in, I couldnt see pink anymore so I mixed it up with some blue ones as well. This is the result. A ton of shoe cookies! I'm awful in decorating, so I just used icing sugar with water and food colouring and then added some silver balls and ice-looking bits from a decorating pack. The pink ones got the silver balls (kind of like a princess shoe), and the blue ones for the ice-looking things (kind of like ice queen shoes). The photo doesnt show the shoes very well (try looking at it upside down, it might be clearer) which is a shame as the cutter is so cute as the shoe has a heel and everything!

Of course it also had to be presented nicely, so I used an ice-cream container that I still had and glued on this card I once received from a fabric softner sample (in pink of course!) and also added some of my stacked yoyos which are slowly becoming my trademark item. I think it worked out quite well and nearly all cookies fit in. The remaining ones I just put in a different container and handed out at work.

To close it, I added a dark purple ribbon around it, but this was early in the morning so I dont have a photo. P. loved them which made it all worth it!


  1. The shoe cookies are oh so cute!!! PERFECT! Would you please come over to Midchix and link them up in the Mama Can Cook Flock for all to see! You can just post the photo and then link back to you for the recipe!! Great for bringing some readers over to you!
    I am now a new follower and can't wait to check out more!!


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