ClownCon 2010 - a Day of Clowning About

It was warm, oh so warm... And Clown was on! To be honest, I nearly didnt go but in the end I decided that clowning about was too good to miss LOL. I joined the Fancy Dress Group for the first time in 2008, of course with a brand new costume that I spent a few days making with lots of leftovers:

I actually won 'Cutest Clown' that year :) The weather was perfect and in the end we ended up in Trafalgar Square with a ton of clowns which was a hoot.

In 2009, the weather was worse, we arrived when it was cloudy and in the end it actually started raining which made us all move to the pub... Luckily at the time there were a few photographers who took some really nice pictures, one of which is this one that I love:

The hair and the makeup had changed from the previous year but the costume was of course the same. I mean, how many times does one get the wear a clown outfit? LOL

And then it was 2010, last Saturday, yesterday... OMG it was hot... some of the costume had to go as the whole thing has about 3 layers for the top alone and I surely wasnt going to faint again! Right before going, I was messing about with the webcam which was funny:

So I didnt wear the extra braided dreads to poof the hair up a bit and all the thirts went so I ended up wearing a plain tanktop under the dress and painted my arm with flowers to match the face makeup. No tights of course as that would have been way too warm... Oh yes, I also wore my contact :)

This is part of the group. There were A LOT less clowns than usual but I think the heat has to do with it as well... It was over 30C! The photo above shows my costume quite well, but just in case here is another one:

One guy dresses as a pantonime every year and he is just so funny:

I have a ton of other photos of the clowns but am not sure if they're really blog appropriate LOL. So let's just stick to these ones ;) Well after all, it was the weekend and alcohol was involved. Everyone was a little disappointed as I was my usual goody goody self and drank juice (after all, I am such a lightweight...) and had to leave early to join the bf at another party. But it was fun and clowny :)

Last year, my friend P. gave me some pink shoes as I only had runners to wear with the costume. This year I finally managed to 'pimp' them a bit to match the dress:

Obviously, after last year's rain debacle, they were a little bit dirty but for a few hours they were ok. Also last year, I found this bag in the charity shop for only £1! It is so ugly that it is perfect for my clown outfit:

LOL so at least I could carry all the picnic items with me. I realised afterwards that the makeup wasnt really the same as before (the lips were not at all clowny) but it was too warm and at least we had tons of fun :) Until next year's ClownCon!


  1. Hello! how funny! I was a professional clown for 9 years! I'm retired now, where I live in California gets way too hot in the summer to go around working in a clown costume. I made all my own costumes, and waht a JOB it is!
    You did a beautiful job!

    AKA~ Oopsie Daisy the Clown

  2. Yor face painting job is fantastic, so cute!

  3. Yor face painting job is fantastic, so cute!

  4. yours is by far the best costume in the bunch!! Super cute! Love how bright and colorful it is!! GREAT face paint too! What fun times you always seem to have! :)


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