Medieval Weekend at Herstmonceux Castle (part 1)

Yesterday we had a bank holiday in the UK which meant NO WORK for me :) Yay! I have been looking forward to this for-ever! (dash added for emphasis). As every year at this time, we went to England's largest medieval festival at Herstmonceux Castle for three days and had a blast. As I have so much I want to share with you, I will post several posts (can I say that?) about the weekend.

First, let's start by giving you a general impression of the weekend itself. Herstmonceux is in south England, not too far from Brighton and Eastbourne for those of you who dont know. It is a Canadian international school and once a year they open up their grounds for the festival. The bf calls this the 'posh' festival as you dont have to camp since they also open up the dorms where you can sleep and it is walking distance from the beertent. Also v handy for the bf and great for me since I hate camping. I couldnt put up a tent to save my life!

So this is Herstmonceux Castle:

This was my 4th year here and the very first time I managed to get this picture without any people or cars...

Lovely details on this also. This pic was taken by the bf, he is less of a happy snapper and really tries to get the right angle etc.

Check us out in our lovely medieval garb :) I made my coutfit completely (except for the hat) and the bf bought his since he wont stand still when being measured. But we're both happy with what we have and it's so comfy! This is my 'management dress' as I call it as working class couldnt afford black. I just loved the fabric...

Gathering for the archery competition in the morning (registration at 8.30am and that on my day off! As I needed the contact lens I had to get up at 6.45am, yawn...)

Funny knight was also displayed, although I dont really know why but I just liked him :)

It rained once which is why there is no one in the pic but it does look peaceful this way.

My friend Birgit from Deadly Glamour at the wine stall. Yummy Beerenweine from Germany, they have fantastic cherry-elderberry mead, yumm...

Said mead, and lots of it!

Archery chat at the bowyer, which is alwasy great fun since they're Dutch and we only see them at events. Typical archers, always showing their fingers *grin*

This was just too funny not to share ;)

Very cozy atmostphere in the beertent in the evenings also

One more of me and the castle. It's a shame you dont see my shoes (or my lovely basket) as I am wearing authentic medieval shoes. I will post some more re the outfit soon. And yes, I look a little fat here compared to my usual self but there were many layers and the black hat does fatten me up a bit, the white hat is much better for that.

Getting sleepy slowly... Yet another pic by the bf, he is getting really good, I love this pic! haha

Alas, not much longer and it was time to go... Got changed and am waiting for the cab here. Sneaky bf sneaking up on my with the camera. As you can see am quite pink and am currently having a major sunburn on my face. Spent half the day putting aloe on my cheeks!

But it was such a wonderful weekend :) No noisy from mobile phones or radios or mp3 players, no cars, no tv, pretty much no electricity, it was lovely :) And only 2 dresses to choose from which made getting ready a lot easier. Am all relaxed now.... haaaa.... *happy smile*

Tomorrow I'll post pics of a woodworker who made us a dibber :) Right now I really have to get some sleep... Speak soon everyone and I hope you like the pics!


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