Steampunk Outfit - Guns As Good As Finished

After spending several hours of Gimore Girls yesterday, I actually finished another tiny part of the steampunk outfit today. I think I actually watched 20 hours of Gilmore Girls ;) With the bf away and my flu coming on slowly, it was the perfect recovery time of an awful week. The sewing didnt really happen this weekend, but I did manage to nearly complete my very steampunky guns :) I say nearl as I am considering re-applying some paint but so far am still only thinking about it. I made sure to take pics of the process (this was done over several days) to show you the difference properly.

I bought these water pistols at the 99p store. Arent they super un-steampunky?

They're black on the back as I nearly forgot to take a pic of the 'before' state and I had already dine the back. I had my heart set on the yellow one and thought that I could give the other one to the bf for his costume.

I painted the water pistols black with emulsion paint. I got a tester can for only a couple of quid at the DIY store.

Looking better already dont you think? I then disabled the pumping thingy as it was annoying me, and starting painting them with my coveted Plasti-Cote gold leaf and antique gold paints. I spent forever trying to find the gold leaf paint and on Friday I finally got it!

And now, voila, my new and improved water pistol into steampunk guns metamorphoses:

Arent they the coolest? I am extremely pleased with them, especially as the bf just came home and really liked them also and really wanted to have one of them! LOL. Technically I need to re-apply some paint once more but they're good enough for the time being. Maybe I will just add some varnish just in case. I know I really wanted to have the yellow one in the beginning, but I'm now leaning more toward what used to be the green one. Oh well, I still have a while to think about it.

Sadly, it will be impossible to get these to the venue so I think I will post these out and collect them afterwards. It seems airlines are not so keen on transporting water pistols... I read online that a flight was once delayed for 2 hours just because of a neon pink water pistol! So lets not try that...

Back to work tomorrow, so I'd better get some sleep... I hope you all had a nice weekend also!


  1. I just sent this home to the gang. My oldest loves to do a little steam punk, and has made a death ray, so I think I'll be seeing these around the house soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. That is too cool, I love it! It caught my eye out of a huge link party with over 200 thumbnails, so it must be good! Now I have to go explore the rest of your stuff...

  3. Oh my...I know my boys will love this! I have to look for water guns!

  4. I love the flat black paint. I hope you link up to my stashbusting september challenge where we will be busting through our stash and not buying any new crafting supplies in September.


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