Weekend Endeavours

Hello again, I have had a wonderful weekend. A little stressful yesterday but all in all very good. The following things happened this weekend:
  • First, I lost a follower (ok not a great start of the weekend but hey...) I dont know who or why and of course I dont mind as such as sometimes I stop following blogs also, but it still makes me wonder if maybe I dont write enough or maybe that lately my postings have been a little depressing (because frankly, I am not in the happiest place right now but I AM slowly getting back to my old cheerful self). So if you want to read something specific or maybe see more craft postings rather than recipes or so, please let me know. And most importantly, THANK YOU ALL for reading my posts and leaving comments. You have no idea how much they improve my day :)
  • Then, I spent most of yesterday trying to find a specific jar of paint and crossed the whole of London for it. NONE of the 6 stores I went to had it. And I checked all the stores I knew! The worst was the last one, which was actually close to my work and I didnt even know it existed, as they had just sold the last 3 jars to the same client about an hour before. How frustrating! So now I have to wait and chase them down and see when they are getting a new delivery. Online they just charge so much more...
  • While shopping for the above-mentioned paint, I found the coolest storage jars ever! They were covered with cupcakes! I've had my eye on these for a while now, especially as there is also a giant cake tin of the same collection, and since I couldnt find the paint anywhere (and I was on the go for like 6 hours for it), I decided to treat myself. I'll add a picture at the end of this post. I just love them!
  • I found jars of sauerkraut on sale and we looove sauerkraut which of course I had to cook immediately yesterday. It was so yummy! Yes, the timing for it was all wrong but it was so good! And the bf much appreciated it also :)
  • And most importantly, I made excellent progress on the steampunk costume! It is really coming together now, I still have a few things to make but the bottom bit is nearly done. I got my second wind late last night so actually went to bed at around 1am and had a lovely sleep for a change also. Pics of the progress will follow soon :) I might even write a double post today ;)
So check out my wonderful new storage tins, arent they the cutest??

That's it for now, I hope you all had a nice weekend too!


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