A Very Thrifty Outfit

Hello again everyone!
Today was by far the most creative day of the last few months. I am making a toy monster for someone's kid and was so close to finishing when I ran out of fiberfill. I didnt have enough fabric scraps to fill it up so I have to wait until my order arrives. I also made some more baby clothes for some more people I know who are pregnant. No costuming yet, I have to get through this baby list first, it seems like everyone I know is currently pro-creating LOL!

Last week there another £2 week at the charity shop and I found some great things again :) Ok, to be fair it should have been a £1 week as per their schedule but they tried to make as much money as they could. Since it is charity after all, you cant really complain... somehow that would be morally wrong... but £2 per item was really good as well :) AND I didnt have to change anything I bought so for a change everything I bought fit straight away ;)

You may remember me telling you that a while back a friend from work gave me some clothes that she was going to throw away. One of the items she gave me was a black Huge Boss knit sweater that used to belong to her husband. Even though I'm sure it would get a lot of money on ebay (it's HB after all...) I didnt want to take advantage of her generosity and changed it so it would fit me.

This was the sweater in its original state. It was a guy's size M so rather large for me. I had to take it in about three times and actually cut off the sleeves, make them smaller, and re-attach them for everything to look good. I decided I didnt want another sweater though as I really needed a black cardigan for at work so I made it into one by just cutting it open in the front and hemming the sides.

But first let me show you my new dress. I cant even begin to tell you how much I love this dress! And I didnt have to change a thing about it, it was made for me :) and at only £2, it was a steal!

Taadaa! Isnt it the cutest? I did consider shortening it but the length makes it ok to wear to work so for now I'll just leave it as it is. It's so comfortable! I just have to be careful around red food, hihi.

I love the back as well, see how it ties up? The tie also blocks the zipper on the side from opening as an extra security which is good. That brownish blonde bit is my hair, I forgot to move it LOL

Ok back to the cardigan. I wore to work the other day and just had to take the pics before getting changed so I can show you the combination:

This is the new cardigan with the new dress :) (Ignore the tired look, it's been a long week...) I didnt add anything to the cardigan, no buttons or anything as I dont think I will ever wear this closed anyway. I also didnt add a trim even though I had planned to in the beginning but this way it will match everything. Amd keep out the airconditioning at work ;)

So a free cardigan and a dress for only £2! I love thrifting sometimes :)


  1. Great thrifty outfit! how did you hem the new cardigan after you cut it? just with a needle and wool or did you use the machine? Great idea - and looks fantastic!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Very cute I love it! Thank you so much for linking up to upcycled Awesome.

  3. Super cute outfit! Nice job in putting it together! :)

  4. i agree that dress was made for you! so classy. thanks for sharing! i love upcycling!


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