Stains On My Top? Where?

Hi all! I just love fixing stuff that doesnt take long ;)
A few years back, my mother gave me a top that she no longer wanted. It was white (not really a colour I wear a lot) and had some sparkling details on the side (OMG...) but it was comfy and I was cold so I kept it. And for years I've been wearing said top at home to veg. Until it became so dirty that I just couldnt get the stains out anymore. Dont ask me what it was that made it so dirty but all the washing in the world didnt help... I was about to throw it away when I thought I could fix these stains in another way :)

Remember the Halloween tea towels? I am keeping all my Halloween fabrics for the Halloween quilt (that I really must start one day, it's been 3 years and counting...) but I had a few small pieces leftover from the towels. So I just covered the stains :) Well, the worst of them anyway... So now I can wear this top again and look cool to boot. What do you think?

This is it :)

The worst stains were near the neckline where the big patch is (it's a teensy bit crooked) but I doubt anyone will notice...

I added one patch on each sleeve and also one to cover the sparkly bit. The other sleeve not shown here has the candy corn patch as well.

I like it :) And it now matched my PJ pants also. Taadaa, a whole new set for free :)

Should anyone have any tips to get the remaining stains out other than bleech please feel free to share... I might be able to have it 100% clean one day *grin*

Oh yes I nearly forgot... I have been working on a very cool project but it's taking a little longer to dry than planned. Hopefully pics will come soon!


  1. LOL ... Love the repairs! I just wear mine with the holes at home! We use OxyClean to get out stains ... don't know if it contains bleach or not, though. It does an excellent job. Loved the post!


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