Mod Podge Shoes

Once upon a time, in a country far far away... Australia to be precise in the year 2001. I bought a pair of black officey shoes for work. Over the years, as I moved from country to country, these shoes somehow always followed. They werent the most comfortable, or the prettiest shoes, but they served their purpose.

Then suddenly they started to look really bad and dishevelled and I was actually quite embarrassed to wear them but they were the only completely black dressy shoes I owned (I hate shoe-shopping). You see, I always lock my heels underneath my desk chair, and when I then move the chair, the ridges drill into the heel and scrape off the leather. My current office shoes are Docs and they have a wooden heel, much better LOL.

See what I mean? It looks awful... I was really quite embarrassed... In this state they were quite ready for the bin. I only realised this afternoon that I had kept them for the Sally Dress as they were perfect for that! Well, not anymore because...

I pimped them! A little while ago I found a post in blogland about someone added fabric to their Wellies or something with Fabric MP. Well, I only had Outdoor MP but had a go anyway :) OK this picture is really bad, but just look when I am wearing them...

I covered the heels completely in the skull and roses fabric I had leftover from my jeans project, and added single roses to the front of the shoes as an extra touch.

I wore them to work today, it was their first outing :) Check out that heel! I love it!

From the other side also where you can see some of the rose detail on the heel too. By the way, these were taking during my lunch break much to the amusement of passers by LOL

And they even match my jeans! I got so many compliments at work today :)

So basically what I did was cut out the fabric as I needed it, covered the part of the shoe I wanted to cover in MP, stuck on the fabric, and MPd them again 3 times, waiting in between layers.

The shoes are a tad big now that I am no longer in Australia where is was soooo warm! But I'll fix that somehow... I just need some new shoes for the Sally dress but these will definitely be worn a lot more now :) Hopefully I get a better pic sometime soon but I was just too impatient to post about this! I've been waiting for these to dry since Saturday... LOL, do you like them?


  1. Wow indeed! Love them.

  2. Gosh - that is a transformation! Beware shoes, I'm armed with modpodge and I'm coming after you...

  3. MP = Mod Podge
    3 in 1 glue, sealer and varnish

  4. Wow, those are awesome! I mean, they totally ROCK!
    Now to find some Mod Podge in the UK.....beware, shoes....bwah ha ha!
    WTG! :D

  5. These are so cute! I love the heels, they seem like an easier surface for mod podge. Beautiful!

  6. Very clever, indeed! Perhaps another cottage industry in the making? Snap up shoes at the charity shops to transform and to sell!

  7. Thanks for linking this up to my Wickedly Crafty Saturdays! Hope to see more from you this coming Saturday.

  8. Even though I am a guy and don't wear high heels (lol), I must say, those are awesome. Well done!

  9. They look absolutely stunning! What a brilliant idea, lass, I honestly love them to bits. Straight to my pinterest!

  10. I love this idea. My daughter has special needs and wears custom molded shoes. Her new pair has not arrived yet to start the new school year so I've been thinking about how I could dress them up a bit for her. They have a hole, yes, a hole... off to the fabric store!


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