Cute Valentine Onesie

Hi all and Happy Valentine!!
I wanted to get this post in before I start dinner preparations so I might post twice today, but you just had to see this super cute onesie I made for my ex-boss!! I promised him that I would make a Valentine outfit for his baby girl and of course I couldnt break my promise :) I still had some onesies leftover from when I bought them during my friends' baby-boom, and my ex-boss's baby is pretty much the only one still small enough to fit these. I used some more red velvet from the scrap pile and a lovely pink ribbon from my ribbon stash. Check out the result:

Isnt it cute?? Really, I nearly kept it... but other than the bf having a complete fit of having baby clothes in the house (and then thinking the worst), it would look a little silly on my teddy ;)

The heart was cut from red velvet (I dont have to remind you where this velvet comes from hihi) and, ironed onto the onesie with Wonderweb, and stitched onto the onesie using zigzag for security. I dont have a ruffle-foot on my sewing machine so I folded the ribbon as I went along, using simple topstitch to keep it in place but using red thread for contrast. The ends of the ribbon were folded under so no hemming needed there either.

Dont you just love it? I love the matt red velvet against the shiny pink ribbon :) I was going to write something underneath as well but I didnt want to ruin it, and this way it can be worn for other occassions also.

I hope he will like it! Now, I must prepare for dinner so have a great day everyone!


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