Romantic Weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark

Hello everyone!
Last weekend was soooo nice! We went for a romantic weekend to Copenhagen, Denmark. We'd been there once before but had not visited the city (town?) too much, something I was intent on changing this time. We had such a great time, I just had to share it with you :) So get comfy, because you're about to go on a trip! Although, I didnt take too many pics of the city to be honest, it was really cold outside...

The very first thing I noticed was this coat on sale. Strange thing to notice in a new city maybe but look at it, it's amazing!!! I do need a new coat, but I could see this in shades of purple in my head, so this will be filed in the 'inspiration' section for the time being.

We strolled along the streets and I saw this flower stand selling seas and seas of tulips. All sorted by colour so it took me no time to find the ocean of purple tulips ;) So pretty! No, that wrapped up bunch is not for me, we're on holidays after all so carrying flowers is a little impractical.

Enter the coolest shop in Copenhagen: Faraos Cigarer. Easily translated as the Pharao's Cigar, it is a major comicbook/larping shop with amazing stock. Check out this mirror! Can this please be moved to my house? LOL

They also had an ent in the shop. An ent!! So cool

And, probably for one day only but I cant be sure, the shop came with this real live monster. The poor guy was so warm but his costume was amazing!!!

And he was even nice enough to let me be in the picture with him! You cant really see the sheer size of him here though but I have another pic further down where you can see how impressive his costume actually is.

While I was making friends with monsters, the bf also found a new friend ;) I just love the look in his face here, so cheesy! Hihi...

The whole shop was decorared and they had such cool stock! You can see from my face that I'm all happy hihi...

One more pic of the monster before leaving, see how impressive his costume is? He makes the other guy look positively tiny!

In the evening we went for dinner. Of course to Jensen's Bøfhus, which if you know me personally is hilarious ;) Plus they have amazing steaks and the best dessert :) Definitely my favourite Danish restaurant.

Yay dessert! The waitress (and the bf) was quite shocked that I immediately knew what I wanted but this is just so good! It's a warm Belgian sugar waffle with soft ice cream on top, sprinkles with nuts, some chocolate sauce on the plate, and a coulis dip. Ok, forget the dip but the rest is soooo good! So simple but so yummy! Mmm, I want one again now...

Interesting designer art at the hotel which I had plenty of time to admire during the complimentary wine. I was strangely fascinated by this piece. Would be so easy to make also...

The next day I dragged the bf along to visit the Little Mermaid statue and along the way we spotted these cute houses. I just love it how they all parked their bikes outside :) Very Dutch in a way :)

We also passed this sign. That's a strange name to give to your shop... it didnt make sense but the bf found out it was a hairdresser. Still a weird name though hihi!

After a good long walk, we finally reached her, the Little Mermaid!! Or in Danish: Den Lille Havfrue. Yay am getting better at Danish! The last time we were here we didnt manage to visit although I now realise we were so close at the time to where she was, but this time I insisted so here I am! It was sooo cold though, but it was worth it :)

A quick lunch to warm up. Just look at this, it's so good! And fairly healthy also. At least in comparison to English food... ;)

After lunch we visited the Danish Design Museum. The hotel room came with free tickets, so of course we had to go. It was pouring rain at this point, so the bf was trying to keep the camera dry while I was trying to photograph myself LOL

Inside the museum there was an exhibition about women and Chanel, and I found a picture of a yoyo dress. Of all the things to make with yoyos, a dress never came to mind. So another something for in the 'inspiration' folder :) Lovely dress though.

I also saw this thread winder from the 18th century, either 1762 or 1782 I cant remember but it's old. Definitely not the same as the little thing on top of my sewing machine!

We also visited the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, this is a lovely museum with lots of statues and art and it's free on Sunday :) These statues were very impressive, and really gave an idea of the people during Roman times.

And that was it, that was our trip to Copenhagen. I had a wonderful time :) I loved the fact that we didnt have to pay entree fee for anything we saw as it was either free or we had tickets from the hotel. So in the end all we had to pay for was food, and that was definitely worth it :) Romantic and frugal, excellent combination!


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