January Giveaway Winner

Hi all,
It's been a few days and things are slowly looking up. I can see positivity again which is always a plus. Now I just have to hope that the perfect opportunity comes my way and I will be more than happy :)

But now for the giveaway winner in January with this lovely prize:

The giveaway ended last Sunday already but I just haven't gotten around to posting the winner yet. There were only two comments so there was a 50-50 chance (though only 2 comments was a little sad, I hope there will be more for the next giveaway!) of winning. And... I just realised the comments aren't numbered anymore, how did that happen? Oh well, I will find out before the next giveaway... For now, the first comment (by moois van me) has number 1 and the second comment by (gill) has number 2. Maybe it's not so bad that there were only two comments hihi... ;)

And the winner is:

Congratulations Gill who said:

Thank you very much for your lovely comment, Gill! Can you please send me your postal address so I can send the ribbon over to you?

I'm off to fix the comment numbering issue and then hopefully craft a bit more. I'm in charge of Valentine's this year and even though it's a little late to get started, I have big plans. The poor bf, it will be so cheesy, muahahaha!!


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