Number 6 and Off the Grid

Good morning everyone!
First of all, thank you so much for voting in the contest over at the Sewing Directory for the blogger of the year award.

The results came in yesterday and my little blog made it to number 6! Whoohoo! Unfortunately 6th place is not high enough for any prizes, but I still made the top 10 and was mentioned on their website. So thank you again :)

In other news, a major event happened a few days ago and I need some time to digest this. No one died or anything and I don't want to splatter details about it all over the web, but it something I need some time for and I will be off the grid for a few days. I havent even been crafting this week! So I will slowly be dealing with this and hopefully craft again soon.

Thank you again for all your votes and please dont stop following my blog. I will be back soon :) Dont forget the giveaway that ends on Sunday, it may be only a small prize this time but a bigger one is on the horizon. See you all again in a few days.


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