Another Day in London...

Ok, I've found the solution to my too-tired-to-blog problem. Blog while the food is getting ready and make sure to keep it short to avoid burning (my specialty these days, burning food that is LOL)

Today has been an amusing day as I had many hilarious experiences that were silly but I really wanted to share to give you an idea of life in London.

First of all I went to Tesco (one of the big supermarkets here) to spend some vouchers I had received in the mail. It was one of those vouchers that give you a discount if you spend an x amount. My amount was £20 (and get £2 off. Cheap yes but sadly this is not the US where you get the supermarket to pay for your shopping if you're good enough with vouchers as so many of you are). So anyway, I am walking in Tesco, spending my entire lunch break lugging my heavy basket around the store trying to get everything I need when I see conditioner on offer. Now I'm not into brands but this brand has this fab conditioner... so anyway, I load up on more-than-half-off conditioner and shampoo, grab some more things I need, and head to the register, convinced that I have my £20. And the total was.... £19.99!! So frustrating!!! This was after the old lady in front of me spent 20 minuted bagging her shopping, finding her money, going through her vouchers (half of which were unusable) and locating a £20-note in her purse. So I'm like 'I'll be right back!' and I rush through the store to get... some more conditioner. Yes, I could have just bought some chewing gum to get the 1p as someone actually pointed out me ;) All in all it was very funny and I did apologise profusely to the cashier who was really quite friendly and to the old lady behind me (it's lunchtime so of course all the old ladies go shopping) and they were all quite amused to see me dashing around wearing my stripey elf hat LOL (my usual winter hat, it is the warmest!). At least I now dont have to buy shampoo or conditioner for at least 6 months and I got a great deal :D

Oh yes, this is a picture of said hat, isnt it the greatest! Bought it in Prague many years ago when it was -11 and I didnt bring one... Very toasty :)

Then, after having been made fun of at work for buying half of Tesco's shampoo supply, I head home... I enter the tube station, I beep my Oyster card, I look at the board and see that the next tube is leaving from platform 3. I rush to platform 3, shoving my way through the crowd (while carrying a LOT of heavy shampoo bottles that knock everyone over), and squeezing myself into the already packed carriage. Then, a noise... 'the next train is leaving from platform plfmpfo'. Ok... Platform 3 it is. We're definitely in the right train as this is the one that is a) packed and b) mentioned on the board. The beeping starts.... the doors close.... OF THE OTHER TRAIN ON PLATFORM ONE!!! And the train on platform one happily slides out of the station, nearly empty, while the rest of us pout in unison in our squashed carriage. Another noise... 'the next train will leave from platform plwgfbsu''. What, what did he say? Everyone asks each other the same question. Half the people get out of the carriage and walk across to platform two and get into the train. The rest of us hang around in or out of the carriage on platform three, not knowing what to do. Another noise, a clear one this time (must have been the manager), THE NEXT TRAIN WILL LEAVE FROM PLATFORM TWO! he shouts over the intercom. Total chaos ensues. Everyone (including me) rushes out of the platform 3 train and squeezes into the train on platform 2 which of course takes its time to actually depart. At last the doors close and we're off... Strangely enough less squashed than before... I wonder how many people missed the tube in the end after all this? LOL... The whole thing just made me laugh. Luckily I didnt have to be anywhere or have to do this every day! Only in London...

So yes, so far so good... My dinner is in the oven, am making 'witlofschotel' tonight which consist of chicory, ham, and mashed potatoes in the oven with a yummy cheesy crust. I really should share the recipe someday... Better or else it will burn!


  1. Oh man, I enjoyed reading this! I have only been to London on a few occasions, and I don't think I could live there AND keep the remnnants of my sanity. Leeds is bad enough, but at least we have no Tube! To make up for it, everything else that counts as public transport is an absolute drama, so I don't miss out on too much of the good life :D
    Are there those fancy things called gritters in the capital? To me, they seem like mythical creatures that only come out at night and never in Leeds!


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