Christmassing - Simple Advent Calendar

This post is a little late, especially since it's already the 6th of December today, but I wanted to share it with you anyway. Every year I buy an advent calendar. I usually dont find the one I want and end up with something that is ok-ish. Or one that I really had to wrestly someone at Tesco's for LOL...

So this year I really wanted to make my own. I actually went out weeks ago to get the contents for it and everything was done. Then... work was mental yet again and my motivation plummeted. So instead of a lovely design base with lots of extremely detailed pockets, I ended up with a plain piece of cotton and relatively simple pockets. Nevertheless, I quite like it... I had so much felt left from other projects and combined with my lovely glitter glue that I bought a few weeks ago, it worked out quite well:

The whole picture...

The chocolates on 23 will be swapped with 24 but I couldnt put the tall chocolates in the 24 pocket yet as it would block the 15 pocket. Small error on my side...

I used mini Twix, Kinder, and Cadbury Eclairs (the only Cadbury worth eating) as treats :)

What do you think? Not bad for a first time in advent calendar making while under stress ;)


  1. Smashing my dear, all kinds of glittery, and I'll take some of those chocolates off your hands.

  2. adorable! I made my own advent calendar a few years ago, though on a much smaller scale. I posted pictures on my blog a few days ago. ;) of course the candy in yours sounds MUCH better than the tiny little pieces that fit in mine! lol


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