Our Wonderful Christmas 2010

Finally, here are some pics of our wonderful Christmas :) Definitely the best one in recent years :) We had a gorgeous tree, remember our tree?

And we just had the most wonderful time :) it was just the two of us but it gave us lots of time to show and explain presents where needed and take pictures and eat little bits of aperitifs :)

Stephane pouring a little bit of bubbly (only a tiny bit as I am a total lightweight haha)

To have with the salmon and blini (this is not real caviar, people, but it sure was yummy!)

Then finally it was present time! Having been brought up the way I did (wow is that English), we give our presents on Christmas Eve. There is an explanation on Steff's blog here in case you're interested and I'm just too lazy to explain this LOL. In Holland it is actually done on the eve of the 25th so I much prefer it this way *naughty giggle*

I made some more crackers in which I had actually hidden presents also.

One of the presents I got was the starter Mod Podge pack. You cant really see it here, but you can see the actual pack here. It has 5 different mini bottles which is nice as MP is really hard to find here.

Yay! I also got Bakerella's book on Cake Pops! The bf is going to be so fat hihihi...

And check out this oven mitten! It has cupcakes on it!!! It's one of those UK ones that is just one long mitten with grips at each end. I have another pic in a minute.

See this was my old oven mitt... It was so used that I couldnt even get these stains out anymore! And I've had this since my time in Dublin which was a good 6 years ago at least...

Look how pretty the new one looks :)

I made this toiletry bag for the bf. Totally his style :)

My aunt send me a few things that my late grandmother had made. Isnt this ornament lovely?

She made this one as well. I think I prefer this one, but I havent decided yet...

And this table cloth was also made by her. It has purple candles so that at least fits with my taste :) But really, it is beatifully made :) I was never that close to my grandmother but I'm glad I have something to remember her by now. Plus she was so creative!

Oh yes, I also got this book from the bf, I love it! It has cool patterns in it for knitting and crocheting, and sewing and everything really! Of course everything has skulls and stuff on it so it's perfect! (Sunny, am sure that you and Savannah will love this also!)

My sister gave my these ultra cute little charms. A witch hat and an orange (halloweeny!) cupcake :) the perfect combination! I love them :D

And then... the piece de resistance... for a while now the bf and I have been discussing getting a Le Creuset pan. The first issue was 'which size' but once I discovered that their new collection is in PURPLE that turned into a big decision also. I wanted purple, the bf wanted black (shock). But here it is, my very own PURPLE Le Creuset!!! I am so in love with this pan I cant tell you! Really, who wants boring orange when they have PURPLE! Ok ok, I'm sure you get the message... *lovely stroking my new Le Creuset* I have already cooked in it and it's a dream :) (they're increasing the VAT next week here in the UK, so it made sense to buy the pan this year rather than wait) And it's so preeeetttyyy...

As you can see I love getting kitchen stuff for Christmas (my mother still doesnt understand why hihi)

Then it was time for dinner. The bf made quail, check out that tiny quail leg! It was very yummy :)

And I made pumpkin-praline pie for dessert. :)

On Boxing Day I dragged the bf to the sales as he had never seen it before... I dont think he knew what was waiting for him... here are a few pics of the shopping centre:

Masses and masses of people... it's hard to see but the stream just doesnt end...

It was so busy that this group of people just sat down in the middle of all the shoppers to eat McDonalds! Crazy... It just had to be photographed! LOL.

All in all it was such a wonderful Christmas!! I hope you all had a lovely time also with friends and family, or without either if so preferred. I still have some posts to write before the end of the year so I'd better get started!


  1. Looks like you had a great day! Happy Holidays! I am visiting from Home Sweet Farm's Wednesday blog hop!

  2. What a sweet and wonderful Christmas, and quite the little gourmet spread you lovelies made! My husband would wrestle that pan away from you in a heartbeat- he's dying for one!

  3. We must be sisters. Either that or you invaded my head and took my thoughts regarding that exact purple Le Creuset braiser you are holding! Drool drool drool, my dear! And that delicious smile on your face and the possessive caress with which you hold it ...I CAN SO RELATE! Ok, that's it. You've gone and done it. I MUST HAVE THIS POT. I must, you know. I really must. :)

    Happy New Year!

    (I just loved this entire post!)
    (from a Cajun gal in south Louisiana)


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