The Christmas Tree is Up!

Hi all!
OMG the days are flying... as always, work is mad and as usual my crafting is being pushed back a bit... There are still some things to do before Friday night (we do presents on Christmas eve, very unDutch of me but it's what we have always done) so I really need to get cracking!

Speaking of Christmas, I was amazed that there were no comments at all for my giveaway! Now I realise that it is way too close to Christmas and the snow might have had something to do with it, so I will check with Lauren and see if we can maybe do another one after the holidays.

Last Friday, our Christmas tree arrived :) Having no car and nowhere close to buy a tree to take it home, we ordered ours online as usual. They actually called me to check if they could deliver the tree early due to snow forecasts but as I missed the call, I could only hope that it would still arrive... But luckily it did and on Friday evening I came home to a lovely tree that the bf had already placed in the stand :) So after a quick dinner I got started. The bf doesnt really like to decorate and prefers to delegate so basically I had free reign. I ended up using EVERYTHING I owned to hang in the tree and I am quite pleased with it. It is by far our most Christmassy tree yet! Curious? I took some pics of course:

This is our tree. With lots of hidden treasures... And yes, we also used the black baubles of course as after all what is a tree without black baubles ;)

Sparkling mini baubles bought during my shopping trip in Stuttgart

Handcrafted gingerbread people and glitter ornaments as well as two Santa heads given to me by my mom years back

More mini baubles (Stuttgart again), gingerbread peeps and my brand new cupcake ornament

Porcelain ornaments that have been in my family for a while (does that make me sound old?)

Handcrafted felt hearts

Felt Christmas Pudding baubles (dont we love Poundland) and clear baubles filled with red sparkling lametta. I had a more intricate project in mind but I just ran out of time.

Hidden into the tree is also this Father Christmas ornament which was alsoa gift many years ago

One last closeup of our lovely and very Christmassy tree :)

It's nearly midnight here and I have to work tomorrow so I'll go to bed now, but hopefully tomorrow I can show you how I made Christmas crackers! Good night everyone!


  1. It's drop dead gor- ge- ous!!
    Naw, the inherited ornaments don't make you sound old, I have some stuff knocking about that has adorned my Mum's tree before I was even a glitter in her eye!
    My tree this year will be blogworthy, too- but for entirely different reasons. It's a proper belly laugh, I promise!
    How are you gonna dispose of Mr Tree when the season is over? Sounds a bit tricky with no car?

  2. I think your tree is wonderfully glamorous! That's some serious bling!

    The only reason I didn't comment on your giveaway is I'm continentally challenged.


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