Mending Week - PJ Pants

Let's have a theme for a change. The whole week I will share with you some easy projects I did by mending/changing some of my clothes. I'll start off easy ;)

On Saturday evening I suddenly got the urge to sew. The question was, sew what? I didnt want to start a new project as I have too many ideas for stuff to make that I just didnt know where to begin. So I decided to take some stuff out of my 'to mend bag' and start from there. There were quite a few easy projects in there and in the end I was sewing until 5am! But I got some nice things done which I will share with you in the Mending Week. A whole week of mended stuff, some big, some small, but all with just that extra difference :)

Let's start off with something that made re-discover my love for Halloween. I had these PJ pants that have been in this bag for about a year now *blush*. All it needed was some new elastic, but as I was putting the elastic in, I noticed that the legs had this pink on black ribbon on them. They always had that but it for some reason it really bugged me now.

Said faded pink on black polka dot ribbon.
Do you remember my ribbon haul at the Stitch & Craft Show? Well, wouldnt one of those Halloween ribbons be perfect for this! Eureka! I totally agreed :) I decided to use the thinner orange ribbon with the spider webs and sew it on. It was just wide enough to cover the old ribbon without looking too wide for the pants.

The original ribbon had a bow just the slit which I recreated. Doesnt it look cute?

Of course, as always with any of my projects so it seems, I made a mistake. I thought I would have ribbon to spare, but by making the bow above, I actually ended up missing about half a centimeter of ribbon for the other leg! How annoying... What to do... oh yes, of couse I only discover this after sewing the ribbon onto the second leg almost completely... Not to worry, with a bit of pullingI managed to at least get it around all the way. But then there was this big black spot from when the ribbon edges met. And I couldnt do a bow on the slit because a) I didnt have any of this particular ribbon left, and b) the big black spot was not at the slit but about 5cm further up as I had kept those 5cm to make the bow in the first place! How very smart... Luckily I found a solution:

Not perfect, but doable. So one leg has the bow a little further down the hem, about 5cm to the side of the slit ;) plus I made the bow out of this wonderful polka dot ribbon which was also very Halloweeny :)

So with the new elastic and this gorgeous trim, I suddenly love these PJ pants again :) The top has died long ago so this is all thats left, but it will fit perfectly with my Halloween PJ tops that I bought at Target when I was in Salem. Also, it made me realise that cupcakes will never be cooler than Halloween LOL, maybe I will start my quilt soon... My first item of mending done, the bag is now a little emptier :)


  1. Very ingenious to make the little polka dot bows to fill the space! Looks great!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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