Batman Live - London

Hi everyone!

A few days ago we went to see Batman Live in the O2 Arena here in London. I had only seen the odd clip here and there and never really understood what it was exactly. It turned out to be really Batman Live as in Batman in the theatre with some circus acts mixed in. No songs (so the bf was happy LOL) and with amazing props and effects. Of course I had to share this with you as it was really cool! Definitely a family show but good fun and something different for a change :) I tried to take some pics and some of them actually came out quite well (or so I think). If you want to go and see this, this post will contain spoilers because I managed to get a few wow-moments eternalised on film :) Ready for the show? Curtains up!

Welcome to Gotham City where the crime rate is probably the highest in the world

A visit to the circus to see lots of trapeze acts and meet Dick Grayson, soon to become a member of the Dynamic Duo as Robin the Boy Wonder.

You all know the story of what happens in the circus I assume, so enter the Joker. A marvellous entry I must admit!

It just got better and better! This giant Joker head appeared which was amazing on its own, but look closely... See that all the teeth, the eyes, and some of the hair are people?

Into the Bat-cave where Robin is told all about Batman (check out the Bat-symbol, so cool!)

Including the Bat-mobile! It came zooming onto the stage and the crowds went wild...

As did Dick Grayson (here shown in the background)

Details shown on the super computer at the same time as the car is shown and explained

Onwards to Arkum Asylum. This scene was well creepy! Not entirely sure if these are real or not but as there was a technical difficulty in this scene I would hope not...

And who resides within Arkum Asylum together with Gotham City's most infamous criminals? The Scarecrow! By far the coolest villain in this play and sadly only seen near the end of the show but his costume is amazing! Batman is surely scared of him!

Everyone gets together for the final blowout of Batman. As you can see they have really stuck every known villain into this play! Harley Quinn, the Joker, the Penguin, the Riddler, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman. The clowns in the background are the Joker's entourage.

Naturally Batman wins (bang, pow!) and the Joker makes his getaway in this ueber-cool hot air balloon. So wicked!

This show was amazing! The first half had all the explanations which had its boring moments but the second half was great! I really enjoyed this show and can highly recommend it :) Hope you enjoyed this also! I have certainly done my geeky bit for this week ;)


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