London Bridge Experience and Science Museum

It's been such a busy month crafting, let's take a break for a bit and do something fun :) A few months ago (cant believe I am so slow in posting LOL), my friend came to visit and not only did we go on Goth Walk 23, we also went to the London Bridge Experience and the Science Museum.

Remember the post I did about the London Death Trap? Well, my friend asked me to find something similar for us to during his visit and as it happened, a voucher came along for the London Bridge Experience.

Again, this was one of those active visits where people just out and scare you and it was so funny! The first part was really easy going and ok for everyone. The second part was where it got really scary! We were divided into 2 groups and had to put our hands on eachothers shoulders. Then we had to walk in single file through various rooms infested by zombies and with a lot of strobe lighting. That really starts to get annoying after a while actually... Meanwhile lots of people will jump out and things would get in the way. Sadly we were all the way in the back of the queue so we missed a lot of the good bits but to make up for it we were heavily chased by a zombie with a chainsaw which was very hilarious.

We couldnt take pics inside but we took some outside to at least have one cool one :)

After the LBE we went to the Science Museum. Partly because we still had half a day left and it was free with lots of stuff my friend wanted to see so away we went.

I was already intrigued at the entrance :) I'd been here a few times before, but this fashion bit I'd never seen before. Check out this dress! Made entirely out of Metro newspapers! Metro is a free newspaper you get every morning at the Tube stations.

Just look at the detail! I just had to share :)

There was an exhibition of what I'll call the good old days as it was by no means old. Especially when we were at the computer section and both the bf and my friend both told me that they have actually worked with every computer on displayed at some point in their life. Scary... I also saw this car of which I only know the German nickname: die Knutschkugel. I love it! This would make parking in London so cool, much more fun than the Smart or the electric cars. Can I have one pls?

We made it to the kiddy section just before closing time where the boys spotted this infrared camera thingy. The trays in the front were hot and cold and you had to put one hand on the cold and compare them in the infrared. Sadly the pic wasnt as good as this one which is way cooler. Look, we're all human after all! Muahahaha...

I think my friend had a good time :) We managed to do everything on his list so it should have been ok! Well it must have been as his next visit is already scheduled, hihi...

Ok enough fun for today, EFF is tomorrow, maybe I will repost a summary of the outfits to prepare you for the real thing next week :)


  1. ok ! i surely have to visit londen again soon !


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