Practical Magic Blog Party

All hail and welcome to my Practical Magic blog post as part of the Practical Magic blog party:

Practical Magic Blog Party

I am extremely unprepared in comparison to last year's party, mainly due to the EFF dresses, work, and the bf's injury. So I wasnt able to host a spectacular party this year but I did want to stay within the essence of the movie and make it a little bit special (and funny I hope).

Of course I could go on and on about that wonderful house that the aunts live in (did you know it is just a facade and doesnt actually exist anywhere? *pout*) but I'm thinking that that idea has crossed everyone's mind by now. Which is why I wanted to go more into the element of magic.
While watching the movie again, I had the idea for this post. Dont you just love being inspired by this lovely film? I wanted to share with you what makes this movie special to me in a funny way by sharing my view of magic with you.

So what's magic anyway?

Magic is not just spells....

...and potions. It's much more than that.

It's getting dressed up in your finest when the occassion warrants it. Like in the office ;)

It is knowing that others share your interests and are there for you when you need them

It is respecting your elders

It is celebrating the changing of the seasons...

...and using all that nature gives you to the fullest

It's knowing where to find the best stuff to decorate your house with (throughout the year)

A cauldron is usually present in some shape or form...

...and even a Yule log is made out of wood and not cake (although there is usually a cake version also of course, no one would ever give up cake!)

Witches come in all shapes and sizes

Some are more nymph-like than others, like forest nymphs...

...or water nymphs...

Of course there are the more evil ones who can be quite cruel and even attempt to start a collection of heads by stealing them from other girls

But luckily mostly everyone gets on with each other :)

So if it werent for some great wine glasses, no one would ever know you're into magic ;)
And now that I am finally off the antibiotics, I drink to that!

(am pre-blogging, am not seriously drinking at noon!)

Thank you for visiting my party, I will enjoy reading yours too :) Have a great weekend everyone and Blessed Be!


  1. I do hope you are feeling better!

    Thank you for sharing your post with all of us to celebrate the magic of Practical Magic! Lovely to visit with you!

    LuLu Kellogg

  2. I enjoyed my visit to your party very much. The costumes were wonderful,as well as the scenery. Your vignettes werevery well done. Thank you for sharing. Please visit my party:

  3. It's so much fun when others can join the merriment.

  4. Thank you for a lovely party post! :) Your photos were gorgeous and you spoke such true words! :) Please feel free to come and visit with me, too. :)
    Sincerely, Theresa

  5. I think you are having a wonderful party here and enjoying it.

  6. Well it seems you had a good time preparing your party and we had a good time visiting! Hope you can stop by my enchanted oven to share some PM cookies.

  7. Great pictures and I love the dresses !!!
    Have a magical day.
    Greetings from another Dutchie ; )

  8. Great party, the guests are dressed in their finest, loved their uniqueness. I had lots of fun.


  9. I love your descriptions of magic and the great costumes, wonderful party.

    J x

  10. Feel better soon!! wonderful post :)

  11. What an enchanting party! I love all of the wonderful pictures and your descriptions of what magic is are perfect. I smiled all the way through this delightful post.

  12. Love all of your pictures...and what gorgeous dresses!!!

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Meanderings


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