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Heyhey again everyone!
Oh my, it's been a whole week since I last posted anything! My new job is keeping me busy and I was trying to finish some projects too. Plus the weekend was so much fun, but more about that in 2 weeks in my post about Queen's Day. Yes, I'm already planning it :)

For my 'return' to blogland today, I wanted to show you something I made a few months back. I haven't shared this earlier as I was waiting for a good picture of the result and finally I have one :) Are you curious? This was a very spontaneous and unplanned project really. I've been working on hair accessories for myself for a while now as you may have read if you've been a follower long enough. I bought clips and combs to decorate with yoyos, felt bats, and other cool creations. At one of the creative meetups I regularly go to, one of the members had just tidied her craft area and found a load of small boxes containing gemstones she no longer needed or wanted. And can you believe that she was sweet enough to bring this load with her to the group and share this amongst the rest of us? Incredible! Everyone there ended up with two small boxes! I was lucky enough to get a purple one (yay!) and a blue one, but at that time didn't have a project with them yet. Until it was one of those days when you really need to work on project A, don't really want to finish project B, so you feverishly trying to come up with something completely different like project C. Well, my project C were combs. I checked my stash of combs (really cheap from the market, £0.10 per comb) and I had several in clear, black, and brown colours. And I had plenty of MP left to start creating, so I was all set :)

This was the result. I love them!!

 These are by far my favourite ones :) I basically put some MP on the comb (bit by bit coz these stones were really small and required some fidgeting. I also used Outdoor MP as a base for extra hold), put the gemstone on it, let it dry, and covered it again with a layer of glossy MP. 

 This is not a great picture, but the beads used here are purple pearly cut in half and stuck on to the combs. I used black combs as I thought it would bring out the lilac better, but now I'm not too sure. In any case it's too late to change it now... 

 And finally the blue ones. These have a really nice colour scheme to them and I liked the pattern I created. This was all done freestyle but it seems to have worked :)

 And this is the final result! I just braid my hair normally and then fold the braid over and pin it up with the combs. I need 4 combs so I can use all the purple ones together. I love this combination as the pearls make it a bit less sparkly and more chique in a way. Also, this hairdo doesn't come lose very easily which is fantastic! I can wear this to work and it will still look nice in the evening when I go out :)

I've been wanting to share this with you for so long! The last picture is taken by one of the girls in another craft group, so thank you so much for sending it to me :)

I hope you've enjoyed this quick and spontaneous craft as much as I have! Plus it was dead cheap as I only paid 10p for each comb so that's 60p only! Technically I already had those so I could class this as free in a way I think ;)

I'll try to blog a bit more again this week... didn't I promise you a post about chocolate? I bet you have no clue that I have to show you... Watch this space :)


  1. Love the combs - and your hairstyle! I might have to try that!

    Looking forward to seeing what you're up to for the Queens birthday! Here in Australia we're getting an extra holiday for the Jubilee this year (we always get one for her birthday!!!)
    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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