Halloweening - Cross Stitch and Frame Done

Hi all!
I had a wonderful day :) I had lunch with an old colleague and then I met some people from the Create London group for a lovely afternoon of crafting. Sadly I only remembered what I had originally intended to bring to work on about half way through the crafting session and now I really have to hurry with my Easter crafts. I did knit a lot of practice squares though so soon I will be writing a post on those too.

But before we get to Easter, let's work on Halloween a bit :) Remember my Halloween 'Poof Hat' cross stitch? I finally finished it last week! Whoohoo! But then I still needed a frame and of course I couldn't just use any old frame. I still had one lying around but I didn't like it too much so I went to Poundland and a frame for £1, 

 This is my £1 frame. Pretty boring huh? Not for long!

 I added some purple glitter along the edges, and when that just wasn't Halloweeny enough I also added this orange and black polka dot grosgrain ribbon with MP. I also used gloss MP to make the frame a bit more shiny, it looks a lot less plastic-y now.

 From my trip to Stuttgart way back when I still had these little witches left which were just perfect to put on top of this frame :) Aren't they the cutest?

Now let's get back to the cross stitch after this wonderful frame. I want to show you the progress again in case you missed it before. 

This is where I last showed you, after finding the second last egg in St James's Park. Nearly done!

Since I was so close to finishing, I really wanted to be all done and frame this lovely Halloween cross stitch. Wow I do use the words lovely and wonderful a lot today. Sorry... don't mean to ring my own bell too much ;) Back to my cross stitch though. It took me a good few tries, but in the end I got the piece to be centered. Well, mostly anyway ;)

Isn't it cute? I totally love it :) The orange works really well in the end I think, and I'm glad I have both the ribbon AND the glitter. The witches finish it all off nicely :)

Plus it really matches my other MP Halloween frame on my desk which is looking craftier by the minute. 

I have already bought the next cross stitch pattern but still have to buy the threads. It's going to be a really big one so it will take a while before I can show you that one. For now, though, I'm extremely pleased with this one in the cute frame. Do you like it? I know I do! *huge smile*

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  1. oh I looove the cross stitch!! what a cute hat! Your making me want to do another cross stitch! I've just started knitting for the first time...Im making a simple purple scarf atm. I received your gift today...thank you so much! I love it! Love the cute box and card too :-) x

  2. I love it! It's amazing what you can do with plain jane frames, but this cross stitched hat is simply adorable!!! Can't wait to see the next one.

  3. Those are really fun! I love how you got that perfect frame then framed your own cross stitch. Love it!

  4. Love your poof picture! and that frame is just perfect for it! - such cute little witches!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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