Girly Day in Uxbridge

Hi all,
Well, my first day is finished and I am exhausted! I had training all day which wasn't so bad, but on the way home I'd just missed the bus and all the tubes I could take had problems so the whole network crashed, and when I decided to walk it started raining which then turned into a storm so when I finally got into the bus while completely soaked, the bf txt'd me to meet in the pub. And there is was, my lovely (half!) pint of Guinness, bliss :) Once home he even made dinner and I am now all nice and toasty on the sofa. Very happy toasty bunny right now!

Since not a lot happened to day that I can blog about and I am way too tired to craft, I wanted to share my girly day in Uxbridge with you. Finally, after years of planning, we managed to have a girly day there with my friend and it was a ton of fun!

 We had proper English tea in a quaint little English tea room near the station. They already had the bunting up for the Jubilee!

 Yay, proper cream tea! That's strong English tea (I saved my tea bag as soon as I could!) with scones served with clotted cream and jam. So good!

 After some shopping I spotted this gorgeous old-fashioned candy shop. Isn't it the coolest?!

 Lots of tiny jars with lots of different sweets

 Lots of big jars too behind the counter with even more sweets

Great display of lollipops, the smileys are too cute!

 And they had Wonka bars! OMG I haven't seen these since Australia! These look so much better than the Australian ones though as they have the exact same wrapping as in the movie :) I had to buy one for the bf of course!

The bf found a golden ticket, yay! LOL sadly it wasn't a real one but the chocolate sure was. Plus this piccie is just hilarious, hihi... 

We had a lovely day in Uxbridge, the shopping centre there is very cute. Plus that candy store is reason enough to go back :) I have to enjoy the sofa a bit more now... but I'll blog again soon!


  1. Oh, you should have said you'd be in Uxbridge; I live not all that far away, could have met up with you there! Still, glad you enjoyed it!

  2. wow! die snoepwinkel ! zalig !

  3. Ooh that sweetshop! Is that Mr Simms? (There's a tiny one in Brighton...their chocolate is amazing!)

  4. Oh scones with real clotted cream.....yum......


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