Easter Prep Stage 1 - The Big Bake

Hi all,
OMG I am so tired! I spent the entire day in the kitchen preparing for Easter. It's not even something that I religiously celebrate, but as long as I can remember we have done the Easter preparations on Good Friday. So that meant lots of baking and dying eggs. It was fun! Though of course I wanted to make it especially nice this year so I tried icing cupcakes and cookies and that took a looong time. 

Yesterday I went to Whole Foods to buy white eggs. Believe it or not, white eggs are eggstremely hard to find in England! Or at least I have only found them there so far... all the eggs in the supermarket are just brown, and for the last few years the Easter eggs I made were just not quite so bright. Of course this year I didn't get the egg dye from my mother (pout!) so I had to use food colouring instead. The only colours that took were purple and blue and two yellow ones, but at least they're bright :) While at Whole Foods I also treated myself to the latest Martha Stewart mag, and she had the coolest ideas for eggs! Of course I had to copy it... 

 Check these out, aren't they just the coolest? Normal dyed eggs wrapped with sewing thread! So crafty, it was right up my alley :) You can find the tutorial here. Of course I had to add some chocolates also ;)

 Here you can see the felted eggs that I made at various meetups (posts will follow later)

 I just loved making these! I have a lot of them left but I think Easter will be here before I can get to them...

 The coffee table is looking good already!

I also made cupcake with the leftover cookie icing. They're all different, so lots of variety :) 

I can't show you the cookies yet as they're still drying, but I'll post again tomorrow with those. I also have to finish my banner and make a wreath. Oh my that is still so much work! Anyway, am going to enjoy my cupcake now... Prep stage 1 is done at least. Even if I can't finish anything else now, I still made it all Eastery :) Hope you all had a great day off also!

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  1. Your eggs and your cakes are looking wonderful!
    I don't know why white eggs are so hard to find in the UK - apparently we like brown eggs but in the US they prefer white. I keep my own chickens so I have eggs in every colour - including blue!
    If only you lived nearer!!

  2. Wow, you really get a lot of work into Easter! It's looking good. The only thing I'm doing is making cupcakes. :-) We do have some nice food, but that's all bought. Have a great Easter!

  3. Yummy looking cupcakes! My you've been a very busy Easter chick!!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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