Chocolate Festival in Southbank

Hello again everyone!
Originally I was going to show you my gorgeous (albeit pink) finished quilted bag, but sadly I still need to work on it a teensy weensy more. All I need to do is sew the top onto the bottom and I would be done but alas it is not meant to be done today. I was going to bring it along to the show and tell at the sewing group tomorrow but I guess I'll have to bring something else now. Oh well, more to blog about next time!

On the other hand, this post has been long since coming and I've mentioned it quite a few times already. Sorry for the delay! Easter has passed already, but just about a week before Easter I was in town and I had an hour to spare before my next meeting so I thought I would walk around Southbank for a bit. You know, enjoy the sun, the view of the Thames, and the moving statues. Yes, it was sunny then ;) So as I'm walking towards the pier, I see a crowd and lots of stall, my natural response of course being 'oooh market!'. I love markets ;) but this wasn't just a market, it was the Southbank Chocolate Festival! And it had only just started that day! Score!!!

 They had lots of classes, lectures, but above all: chocolate!

 This stall was from France, they had the best sweet/salty hazelnut bars

 There was even a stall where you can buy a kit to build your own gingerbread house :) They also a Halloween version apparently, I need to find their business card...

 It was nearly Easter so of course there were loads of eggs and bunnies.

 And cupcakes!

 More eggs and chocolate bars.

 Gorgeous painted and decorated chocolate eggs

 Chocolate bookmarks! So cute, but too girly for the bf... 

 Maybe some of these dotted eggs instead?

 Or some classic eggs?

 THIS was the best stall :) Look at the shoes!! I bought a shoe of course and also some bunnies and some interesting truffles for the bf. I even bought a very manly one with bacon but I think he's afraid of it as he still hasn't tried it ;)

 These lollipops were too cute also. I did buy two of these, even if they had pink :)

 More cupcakes!

These bags were really cute also. They had such cute t-shirts also but alas I was out of cash... I bought too much chocolate ;)

It was such a cute little festival and they had the best chocolates there. Normally I would buy more chocolate but cheaper and not as good, so this year I spent the same money but just bought less and some really nice things. I took a picture of my loot on Easter but I can't seem to find it right now. I'll upload it once I have it :) Mmm, maybe I'll eat another one now ;)

So even though this post is super late, I hope you liked it anyway. See, after nearly 7 years I am actually starting to enjoy London :) More on the mentioned bag soon!


A small selection of the purchases :) These are the ones reserved for me (the bf would never eat a pink chocolate!), aren't they cute!


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