Fabulising February - Asrai Top

Hello again :)
Most of you will not know who Asrai are, so let's clear that up first. Asrai are a Dutch 'girly goth' band that I happened to stumble upon at a festival many years ago. They had one London gig and I bought a really cute tanktop at their merchandise stall. The print was adorable but somehow I never warmed to the design of the tanktop itself. I have another shirt from them which is more of a normal girly tshirt and I wear that one a lot, so I decided to change the top. Of course this decision came waaaay before actually doing something about it, so the whole project ended up in the bag.

The top on the left is another girly top I've had for a while and the neckline bothered me as it was a little tight. The top on the right is the Asrai tanktop. Ready for a makeover?

I cut out the design and sewed it onto the plain top. The neckline still bugged me, so that definitely had to go. So I cut it into a sort of boat neckline and didn't hem it for a casual effect. The result? Check it out:


I really like it now! Sometimes solutions can be so simple :) Plus it's another item finished from the bag, I'm making such good progress :)


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