Fabulising February - Labyrinth Bag

Hello again!
Speaking of Teefury, every few months they have a mystery sale. You just enter your size and they send you a mystery shirt from their collection of the past few weeks. Not exactly sure how it works, but basically you don't know what you're getting. And then there are swap forums etc in case you really hate it. I tried the mystery sale and being a newbie I ordered three shirts. One was great, one was so-so, and the last one put a real frown on my face. Let's put it this way, it had potential... This was the design I got:

(picture from www.teefury.com)

The colour, for starters, was really not for me. Since I bought the girly version, I got the 80s blue one. Not my colour... Apart from the colour, there was another thing that was really bothering me, and that was that Jared actually looks fat in this design! Like proper beer-belly fat. Well, we can't have that now can we? 

First I thought of swapping the shirt, but did I really want to go through all that effort, possibly sending something to the US and risking it getting lost or something? Nah... I needed another idea. Then, while making the Hellish Bag, it came to me: make another craft bag like that one! After all, one can never have too many craft bags with all those small projects going on!

I cut a square out of the top, trying to get as much of the design in as possible but with as little as possible of the beer-belly. 

I added the press studs like in the other bag too to keep the design

 This is the result! I really liked the hand with the glass ball so I made the cut there. There is still a little bit of the beer-belly, but so much less than before! I had some blue ribbon lying around so use to tie it all together. I think it came together quite nicely. 

And it's the perfect size too! The Hellish Bag is a little bit on the small side, so this Labyrinth one currently holds my medieval weaving project. But that's another story ;)


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