Fabulising February - Bat Top

Hi everyone!

It's the first of February and that means it is finally time for my February project :)I had a hard time trying to think of name for this project as 'mending month' sounded a bit boring. So I have come up with Fabulising February. What do you think? 

You might remember that over the course of last year, I've gathered a serious amount of clothing that needed to be changed in one way or another. Some things just had to be repaired quickly, others just needed to be changed completely. By serious amount I mean one of those giant Ikea bags FULL of stuff. Oh my, where to start?

Yep, this is the lot...  it may not look like much, but there are several layers here...

Mending can be really boring and I had lots of new projects on my list but I've finally sat down and started some of the work. During this month, I will hopefully have emptied the bag and shared many of my new creations with you :)

My frst project was an easy one. The bf once gave me a really cute top with a little bat on it and zippers on the sleeves. The sleeves were not lined and the zippers were metal and it was constantly bugging me so I cut off the zippers and made it into a sleeveless top. So far so good... Over time, for some reason, the top had also shrunk and I never wore it again. But the little bat was so cute! So Fabulising February to the rescue!
The bat top is on the left, on the right a black top that I never wore due to the high collar.

I cut out the bat from the first shirt, used something like wonderweb to iron it on the black top, and sewed it on for good measure. I still didnt like the high collar, so I cut off both the sleeves and the collar and this is the result:

The top is sooo comfy now! And much longer so I actually enjoy wearing it now :) Oh yes, this is the sock that I somehow never finished... ;)

First project done, this is looking promising so far. I hope you'll come back soon to see what else I've finished from this massive pile of stuff!


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