Oscar Party 2013

Happy Oscar Night everyone!
We're ahead of the US so the Oscars were on at 1.30am last night. NOT going to happen as I do have to work during the day. Luckily we have reruns! In the spirit of last year, I have spent most the weekend cooking to make one dish per Best Picture nominee. It was a real challenge this year as there were so many countries that the food would be based on, and I only got the final menu set in the last minute. Some dishes are more original than others, but it worked and was yummy which is all that matters.

First: decorations! I made new bunting with updated templates from Hostess Blog
Napkin envelopes were also made again of course

And then for the food! An entire day of chopping and preparing meant that I only had to stick everything in the oven and serve. I had bought lots of gold paper plates to the bling and easy cleanup. It all worked wonders!
For Amour: French cornichons and saucisson as aperitif

For Les Miserables: French bread and red wine as aperitif

For Argo: vegetables with humous as aperitif

For Silver Linings Playbook: crab cakes as a starter

For Lincoln: roast root vegetables as as part of the main course

For Life of Pi: sweet and spicy potatoes as part of the main course

For Beasts of the Southern Wild: southern friend chicken as part of the main course

For Zero Dark Thirty: taboulleh as a side

I even made gold dusted white chocolate Oscar statues! Upon taking them out of the mould I did manage to decapitate some of them so they look a little wonky. But the idea is there and I now have a whole year to practice ;)

Once we had watched the red carpet while eating our lovely meal, we watched the ceremony and played Oscar Bingo, kindly provided by How About Orange. The bunny was the prize, the only golden chocolate I could find!

We had also each completed the ballot and in the end my friend who joined as well won the bingo and I won the ballot. It was all great fun again although I think we have enough food to last us for the next three days. Can you believe I cooked all of this for 3 people only? LOL. But at least I wont have to cook for a while and spend more time blogging and crafting!


  1. LOVE this!! I was having a crazy month and didn't get around do doing any fun decorations, etc for the Oscars...this is exactly what I would have loved to have! So creative and great! Pinning a lot of this :) Your statues are amazing.


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