Fabulising February - Hellish Bag

Hello again!
OMG today is the London Dungeon Sale! The London Dungeon is a London attraction that shows the darker side of London. They have this great tour about people like Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd. It's great! We went there years ago and spent about 4 hours in there. They are now moving to a different location and are having a yard sale. Can you believe it?! Of course we have to go. It's supposed to start at 11.30am so let's see if we can be there early enough or just completely miss out on everything. It is Sunday after all...

But in the theme of the London Dungeon, I finished my next project. You know the phrase: 'been there, done that, have the tshirt'? Well, I have the tshirt! LOL. It's a cute top, but it does raise some eyebrows when you wear this out so I never wore it a lot. And it was quite short as well which did not do it any favours really.

This is the top, it's cute but somehow not my favourite. So something had to be done.

Great sleeve detail on one sleeve...

 And more detail on the other sleeve...

With all my sewing projects, I never have enough bags to put small projects in. I have the quilted bag for my cross-stitch, but anything else usually gets carried in a plastic bag. Boring! First of all, I cut the sleeves off the top and cut out the details as shown above. I then cut a large square out of the top showing the main print and discarded the rest. The square without the main print I used to sew on the details I cut out of the sleeves. Are you still with me? The I sewed the whole thing together into a cute little bag. But then what? Zipper/buttons/drawstring? I felt this bag called for a drawstring but didn't want to ruin the print so what to do?

Taadaa: press-studs! (ignore the hemming, it works and that is all that matters). I looped red ribbon through the bag to give a drawstring idea, but sewed in press-studs so the bag can look ribbon-cute but can still be closed all the way with press-studs. I think it's brilliant!

The main print side...

 The detailed side.

I now love this little bag, it's so cute! And perfect to carry around some knitting or something in the the tube. A lovely little tribute to my trip to the London Dungeon all those years ago :)

UPDATE 03/02/2013:
I actually wrote this last night and due to a journey from hell yesterday evening, got home beyond late and slept until 1pm. So no sale for me... read in the paper that it was all gone within 30 mins though so I would have to get up at like 7 to get anything. But at least I have my lovely bag and am well rested. Not complaining! :)


  1. Love your new bag MJ! I can see why you didn't get much wear out of it as a t-shirt!!

    Shame you missed the sale - sounds like it was a bit crazy for everything to have sold so fast!!!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. What a great idea... I love the thought of you sitting on the tube with it!


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