Mombi continued 13

Another weekend has passed... the last weekend before the EFF actually and it meant I really had to gear up and finish. Well that didnt entirely work... Although I did finish the shoes on Saturday and today I made the handbag and the key, the spikes are still not great. But lets start with the stuff I did finish.

The handbag:

I always use the same bag at every EFF, it just gets pimped every year ;) Hey I know exactly how to pack this bag so that I can carry everything I need with me in this tiny contraption :)

I also made the key today. My first try at using shrinking plastic! The bf had thrown away the spray paint (hurray) just when I needed it so had to use gouache paint but with a purity seal top coat it shouldnt flake too much and stay the same. Basically the shrinking plastic thingy did specify to paint it beforehand, but I didnt think that putting paint in the oven was such a great idea. But in the end it doesnt look too bad.

The key:

And at least I didnt have to pay $60 for one like the one I found on ebay. Not that it would have arrived on time anyway with the cloud and the airmail... Oh yes, speaking of which, I am taking the bus!! OMG yes I know, 13 hours in the bus. But then I remember spending 24 hrs in the bus going from Alice Springs to Melbourne and I survived that so hopefully I should be ok.

Am logging off now, the spikes are still annoying me and there is no way that I can find gold glitter glue sticks in the next three days....


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