Mombi continued 14

At last at last, another part of the Mombi dress is finished! The back is done! Yeehaaa!

The spikes are attached with press studs so I can actually take them off when need be. Very handy when having to move around the house LOL. Yes I tried this, it was extremely awkward... The picture is really not great as it looks like the spikes are hanging down quite a bit while they should be standing up really. Maybe I have just attached the snaps too high and need to re-do this. Not sure yet though, a new day and new eyes might come in handy for that one. The spikes actually have patterns on them too which is a little visible here.

As I said, a little blurry but the doll just wouldnt keep this on, I would have had to pin down the dress way too much.

One front piece is done and is waiting to be attached to the front. The second part still needs to be made but will also do that tomorrow. So close to finishing... Oh yes, and an umbrella... But now: bed!


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