Mombi continued 16 - Mombi is FINISHED!

Hi all!
Wow, the Elf Fantasy Fair weekend is over again... and it has taken me this long to recover... Ok, and find photos by really cool photographers etc...
So in the end I didnt win the costume competition which was a shame, especially considering all the hard work and stress I had, but I did get a lot of compliments which were of course very welcome. :)
To show you all the final result, I'll put a few pics up here, and more later on the EFF post which will have to wait until tonight as I am already late for work...

Here you can even see the shoes!! :)

I will actually try to post this on Today's Creative Blog :) Who knows, it might show up!

Click on the image above and see what others have been up to recently. Very inspiring!

I also linked back to Tea Rose Home Link Party:


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