Christmassing - Felt Gingerbread Couple Ornaments

The felt ornamenting continues... Well, when in Hobbycraft... ;) No seriously, I was there anyway and I saw this great tutorial I just knew I had to try this. They were so cute!! So I bought some brown felt while I was there, and knew I had the rest to off I went. These are is my lovely gingerbread couple:

Arent they cute?! Yes, I know they look more like the creatures in 9 than the gingerbread couple in the picture of the actual tutorial, but I think it gives them this extra nerdiness which is also very The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Third Season. Hihi...

I kept to the original colour scheme, using more tiny cut-offs from the felt glitter ornaments and other felt leftovers I had. I didnt have red glitter felt, but I added some glitter glue so I still got the sparkling effect. So far I've only made this pair but I'm tempted to make more! How about you? Are you going to make some gingerbread men (and women!) to hang on your tree?


  1. Yours look like they work out and skip the pumpkin pie. They're adorable!

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    Awesome post!

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