The Cutest Cupcake Pincushions

Well, it's day 6 of my holidays (the weekend included) and so far I have managed to finish only a few tiny projects and have only posted one blog post! *hangs head in shame* On the other hand, I have managed to catch up on some much needed sleep, managed to stay dry in this awful weather we've been experiencing, and sit through an entire Harry Potter marathon, years 1 through 6 including all the extras. Ok, divided over several days, but still :) Somehow when watching them all on a row they make much more sense and are much less annoying. I guess it's easier to appreciate the little details that way :)

One of the projects I have managed to complete this week was a cupcake pincushion for a girl at work. I wanted to make this for her as she indicated that she needed a new one (very obvious hint on her part LOL) and she has given me a huge bag of clothing that she no longer needed which is now ready to be altered by me, yay! Now I only have to find the time... Remember the Fall Gift Exchange? I made this cute cupcake pincushion for my exchange partner, and I wanted to make the same for my friend at work. Here is the first one that I made for the exchange, I call this the Strawberries & Cream Cupcake:

I made a base out of felt and filled it with fiberfill. Then I knitted the base of the cupcake with only knit stitch to get the ribs that a normal cupcake case would have also. Then I used my knitting nancy doll to make the pink cream and swirled it around the base, adding green beads for sprinkles. I topped it with a white ribbon for whipped cream and a felt strawberry with beaded detail. I just love this cupcake!!

So for my friend I made this one:

Ignore the colours, this picture was taken during the day and the other one in the evening so the lighting is different. The same basic principle, except that for this one the base was a lot higher. I swirled the pink cord around the base again and also added beads for sprinkles. I had a bit of trouble with the whipped cream on top, so it ended up being chocolate whipped cream instead as I ran out of white ribbon. It still looks cute though, right? Let's call this one the Chocolate Strawberries & Cream Cupcake ;)

I like them both actually, and I really hope that my friend will like it too once I give it to her. Should I wait until Christmas or just give it like that? Cant decide today, my brain is still on holidays! *wide grin*

More projects will hopefully be blogged about soon as I've finished some more cool stuff :) Also, dont forget about my giveaway that ends tomorrow night UK time!

UPDATE: My cupcakes were featured at Strutt Your Stuff on Saturday Mornings :)


  1. Those are so darn cute! You did a great job. :) If your friend is really hinting about it, why not give it to her now - when she's least expecting it. :) Theresa


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