Simple and Gorgeous Laptop Sleeve

My sister had three kids... Yes you know that by now of course. But yesterday I only showed you what I made for the boys for Christmas and not yet for my niece. My niece wants to buy a laptop for Christmas so everyone is giving her some money instead of a present and together with her savings, I'm sure she will be able to buy a lovely laptop. The problem with sending money is that I live in the UK, and they dont. Hence we dont have Euros. Small problem there... Of course I would send Pounds but then she would only waste half of it on exchange rates and bank fees. So I thought of something else. A little while ago my my mother made her a pillow of this gorgeous rose print cotton fabric and gave the rest to me. So I asked if she would like me to make a cool laptop sleeve for when she has her laptop. Luckily she agreed that that was a cool idea (told ya, am the 'cool auntie' LOL).

After browsing online for a bit, I found the perfect tutorial for the perfect laptop sleeve. No kidding, this was one the best tutorials I have ever seen! Even I couldnt mess this one up, totally blonde-proof :) Oh yes, this is the link btw. The Cottage Home has killer stuff, you NEED to check it out! Since the tutorial is brilliant, I wont bore you to death with the exact same pics, but rather show you the result of my version:

This fabric is wonderful but a disaster the photograph... this was the best I could do... Ignore the creases pls, I just couldnt get them out, no matter how hard I ironed...

As my lining was orange fleece (orange, orange???), I added orange buttons to pull everything together. Yes I know, orange was defo not the best choice here, but it was the only colour I had enough of and since it's the inside it's ok I think. Plus in the current light it looks ok LOL.

Of course I had to embellish a little with my trademark rosette and added one with two layers and another orange button. I think it looks very cute and girly, dont you?

I wasnt sure how to sew the fleece as the tutorial uses fleece that is the same on both sides. Mine was hairy on one side and soft and smooth on the other. I used the soft side (so the 'inside') for the inside of the bag to make sure the laptop will be all snug and undamaged. I really hope she'll like it! And of course a massive thanks to The Cottage Home for this great tutorial!


  1. This is sooo adorable! I just love the roses! Hope you share with my Pink Hippo Party @

  2. I may steal this- I NEED to make a laptop case for my baby!

  3. You are indeed SO crafty! This is fabulous. I love the fabric you selected - and the little flower adds such a pretty and feminine touch! Theresa


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