Remember, Remember, the 5th of November...

Well, that was technically yesterday, but I was way too much in need to some R&R to blog about it LOL. Surely England is the only country in the world to be celebrating the government nearly being blown up! Hihihi... strangely enough it is also the only day of the year that it is legal to light your own fireworks. Even on New Year's only the professionals do it, at least in the city.

As per our tradition, we watched V for Vendetta yday as it is all about the 5th of November and just had an early night while the rest of the country was lighting fireworks. I was completely done for the day, work is really taking it out of me today.

Today I went to the craft shop and the 99p store in search of Christmas items and of course found nothing I was looking for. I did, however, find candy melts :) And cheaper than on Amazon! Now all I need is the Cake Pops book for Christmas and I'm set :)

Tonight, I'm having a wonderful girly night in with my sofa, pizza (and no sharing!), and New Moon. A present from the bf as there was an offer 2 for X and buying the second dvd was only like a fiver more so of course I couldnt resist. I much prefer the books over the movies but the movies kind of grown on you. Well, at least on me anyway. Anyway, last year's bonfire night was a little more exciting and I thought I'd share some pics so make it look like I've actually done something today ;)

Fireworks in Ravenscourt Park

Complete with bonfire. This was the kiddie's bonfire but the one for grown ups took forever to light and it was much colder last year. I just love the shapes the fire makes, especially in the this picture.

I had to photograph everything of course

Including my friend who was visiting (and yes, looks scaringly much like me) and won this massive giraffe at the basketball game thingy they had there. The butterfly is this light-up thing that I gave her for her bday.

But even though am staying in this year, am absolutely loving it. I need to relax and recover from work. And the best thing is that I have a whole week to do it! Yay!


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