Fall Gift Exchange - Gift Received!

Hi again all,
Do you remember the Fall Gift Exchange I took part in a while back?

My gift exchange partner was from New York and the shipping was a little delayed but in the end it arrived all safe and sound on my doorstep :) And just before Halloween also! Talk about perfect timing!

Check out what I received:

I received a quilted checkbook cover, a photo frame, very cute cupcake socks (she must have read my blog for that one LOL), a cupcake tin, orange thread, black leather string, fabrics in Halloween colours and orange bias tape (perfect to make a Halloween project), a luggage tag, and scrapbooking paper. Isnt it great? I've never tried scrapbooking so that will definitely be very cool, and I will use the fabrics as soon as the Halloween stress has died down a bit (now comes to time for taken the decoration down again).

As this gift exchange was about sending the other person what you feel Fall is about, I sent her this:

I made her the Stitch London Bag, a strawberry cheesecake cupcake with swirl cream, a pumpkin hairclip, a needlebook, hot chocolate for those cold autumn evenings, a book on Halloween ideas and one on general holiday gifts, a mailbox keyring, a gingerbread man painting thingy for in the window, and the little box contains homemade cookies :)

Surprised it is very Halloween based? I was told she liked it so thats a good thing hihi :)

Now Christmas crafting must begin soon...


  1. What fun exchanges...especially across the pond. I'm sure your pumpkin hair clip was a hit.

  2. That's so neat. Sounds like a fun exchange.
    Happy Fall!

  3. What a wonderful exchange! Love the goodies you received and the goodies you gave, as well! :)

  4. This exchange sounds like it was a lot of fun. And both you and your partner sent such a wonderful assortment of goodies. I really love the cupcake and the drawstring bag you made.


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