Halloweening - Breakfast

Yes yes I know, Halloween is long gone but I just had to share this with you! We spent most of the day eating leftovers, because as the bf said: 'when you cook for just us you cook for five, now that we were five you cooked for 10!' Hahaha... so plenty to go around...

But I just had to make these as I found them in Martha Stewart's Best of Halloween Handbook. No magazine this year, or apparently there was but it wasnt stocked in the UK. Luckily this handbook was though :) As I only have one MS Halloween mag, this handbook was perfect for me :) After all, it's much better to mess up the book than the laptop when in the kitchen LOL

So anyway, check out these spiderweb eggs:

Arent they wicked?? The whole colouring of the outer shell didnt really work as they only sell brown eggs here (dont ask me why) but the webbing worked great!! :) Definitely great for Halloween breakfast. The bf loved them!


  1. Fabulous! I saw this recipe too, I'm glad to see someone tried it!

  2. Love it! I gotta try this next year :)


  3. These are so cool. i wish I would have seen these last week!

  4. Those eggs look so cool. Hope they were tasty! Theres

  5. Very cool. We have spider eggs at Easter every year. Who knew??? LOL

  6. Those are pretty neat. They look really creepy.


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