Christmassing - Glitter Ornaments

Hello again :)
Finally, the camera has been located, only to find that it is really taking bad pics today (yes that is the camera and not the person taking the pics hihi) so I had to use the bf's one which had no battery. It has really been a day for lying on the sofa in front of the telly or things would go wrong. I even tried to make some soup for lunch tomorrow... I cut all the vegetables, put it on the stove, lit the fire, and left the kitchen... can you guess what happened? About an hour (!) later, I remember the soup, which has by now turned into this yummy black cakey stuff on the bottom of the pan. I guess we're going out for lunch tomorrow then ;)

In exactly 4 minutes, it will be Monday morning and my holidays will be over. Sadly I didnt get as much stuff done as I wanted to, but I did finish a few project such as the purple rosette top, the cupcake pincushion, and the teacup pincushion. I also darned my medieval dress as it was full of holes (wear and tear or moths, am not quite sure yet) and mended a lot of items that were quick fixes but that I just never had the time for. I used normal thread for the darning instead of wool, I hope that's ok too... have never darned before so am now just waiting for someone to tell me off for darning my woollen (not knitted) dress with thread haha...

AND I have also started the Christmas tree decorations. Yes, I'm sure you remember me saying that decorating for Christmas isnt really my thing, and believe me that it will be nowhere near as big as it was for Halloween, but you lot on Blogland have totally infected me with this craftiness so I really wanted to make some stuff. Plus the bf wanted new deco as only black is a little somber. Although I did use a bit of silver here and there over the past years so it didnt look that bad. This was our tree last year:

Not too bad is it? But yes, I would like to have some colour also. So I went looking everywhere (read: the cheap shops) for purple baubles. Bad news for me, the only purple comes with pink and lime green. Honestly, whoever thought of that combination?? So that's a no go on the purple. I did have a few red items left from way back when so I have now chosen red to be our added colour, so our deco will be black, red, and white/silver. Which also happens to be the colour scheme for London so that's kind of funny. Anyway, I still needed to buy red ornaments but since it's red, it wasnt that hard to find. Getting exactly what I wanted was though, so I needed to improvise. This is what I bought:

Yes very boring and basic but ultimate glitter was just too much. I did also buy some plain ones which will look nicely with the black baubles. I also bought some glitter and after being inspired by Sunny at Life in Rehab, I started glittering. This is the result:

Not bad if I say so myself :) The glitter doesnt really show here but I'm sure that it will look lovely once they're in the tree with the lights and all.

This is when they were drying LOL

Oh and I just have to share this. Remember my shopping trip to Stuttgart? I also bought this cute little cupcake bauble which I can now also use because it's red :) Isnt it just darling?

Well, that's it for now... I have done more but one thing at a time ;)

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  1. Those look really cute! I love the custom, unique look.

  2. Glitter ornaments are so much fun! I like how they shimmer next to the tree lights so much. Theresa

  3. WOW..... This is great. I'm going to some for are tree. Thanks

  4. The glitter really sets those off! You can be proud to hang them from your tree.

  5. Hey Girl, Myself and my beloved sister live in the great USA and have so enjoyed reading your blog tonight and you have pleasantly kept us up past our bedtime. We will check you out again. Thanks for all the recipes and fun entertainment.
    Your new found friends,
    Sherri and Geneva


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