Made My Own Christmas Crackers!

Hello again everyone!
It has been a while (I really dont want to say that work is mad busy but it is. On the other hand, in two days I will have a few days off so I am counting every second!). I am super busy with Christmas preparations also, even though I have actually finished my shopping for over three weeks now. If only I wouldnt want to make so much myself...

And speaking of which: this week I made my very own Christmas crackers! They look wicked, are completely frugal, and I have the chance to put in some proper prizes. Ok the prize thing didnt really work as I ran out of time to make cool stuff so I just used the prizes we got at the crackers from the Christmas parties at work (more on that in a later post).

I'm not sure if Christmas crackers are well-known outside of the UK. On the continent it's not really a thing to do but here is it a must on Christmas. A Christmas cracker is a contraption that looks like a large sweet, made out of cardboard and with a treat inside. The more expensive the crackers, the better the prize. You need two people, one person each pulls one side of the cracker, the thing goes boom (well, a tiny snap) and the person who ends up with most of the cracker gets the prize. Fun huh! It's the best when you're with a group of people sitting around the table and each person crosses their arms and then tries to pull the crackers with both neighbours at the same time. Hilarious! (am I explaining this well or does it make no sense at all?)

So anyway, back to the point, Christmas crackers and how to make them :) A while ago, I found this website where making crackers was really well explained. I did have to go on ebay to get the snap thingies but I think I paid £3 for 12 and given that that would be the only expense, it wasnt too bad. The rest of the things I needed were abundant anyway: toilet rolls, wrapping paper, and ribbons. I wont post the instructions here as the website has great pics etc but I can show you my results:

At the moment I only have these 5, I will make two or three more as I still have some prizes and snaps left and the bf is already looking forward to these :) He even wanted to test one the other day to make sure they're working! Hahaha.... I dont know about you, but I love this idea (and the fact that I could FINALLY do something with those toilet rolls that I seem to collect LOL.

Interested in making your own also? Just go here and have a go. It's great fun! Next year they will hopefully be better and with hopefully more time... Have fun with these and happy cracking!


  1. Your cardboard bon bons look terrific! Always nicer to have a hand crafted bon bon than the mass produced items.

  2. I made these a few years back for Halloween! I tend to buy them on after-Christmas-clearance for the following year, but yeah, what fun would the celebration be without the silly games and laughter? Yours came out just splendidly.


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