One Old Pair of Jeans = 2 New Outfits

There once was a pair of jeans, super comfy and cool-looking with a flared 70s style look. Oh how I loved them! I bought them in China in 2003 and they were just the best:

Due to our dress code at work I could only wear them once a week and even then I kept tripping over the flared legs. Then, I had an idea :) The legs were wide enough to make a skirt and I also needed some new shorts. So I cut them up. Yes, I cut up my favourite jeans! But check out what I did with them.

Remember my trip to Surrey Farm Market? The lovely Libby Rose gave me some fabric scraps of this fantastic skull/rose cotton that I really wanted to use on these jeans. Of course the scraps would look better in black... mmm, what to do! Oh yes, jeans are cotton so jeans can be dyed! :) Enter DYLON. The Dylon story is a whole story on its own as I could only get it in one store which closes 30 mins after I finish work and I had to hurry. With my busy schedule from last week there was no way I could make that but luckily in the last minute I found another store that also sold the dye so I was home free. Anyway, I cut the jeans and dyed the shorts bit black. As they werent 100% cotton they didnt come out 100% black, more of the really dark blue but it still looks good. I then added a rim of the skull/rose fabric to the bottom edges (no ruffles!) and also some appliques on the top where the old design still showed. And behold, my new shorts:

I really like the bottom bit as it is still girly with the trim but not too girly as they're not ruffled.

One side of applique. I ironed them on with fusible webbing and then zigzagged them to make sure they wouldnt fray.

I chose a more flowery option for the other side.

I know, I cant believe I am posted a photo of my bum on the internet, but check out these pockets! The appliques are possibly a little too long but it was the only way I could get in the whole print.

Remember the HRC t-shirt makeover (actually go check it out as I have added new pics to the post that I have only just found)? Today was the perfect weather to wear both these new shorts and the HRC top so of course I had to take a picture! Ok, so I made two but I'll post the other one on the bottom of this post as to not to completely spam you hahahaha.

Of course, we're not done as there is still the skirt to make. I took about the entire week to do this as work was mad busy and for some reason it just wouldnt work. But I think I did it. Basically, I just cut off the legs to make the short above, the opened them up on one side and sewed the whole thing together. At first I was going to add a zipper and make all pretty but in the last minute I changed my mind and just put some elastic in the top. I did add a band for that out of some floral fabric that I had leftover and also added the same fabric on the bottom to hide the worn off edges (I'm sure I'm not the only one who constantly steps on the edges LOL). I'm not 100% convinced yet but I dont think I will change anything about it as it does look very cute. It just needs some extra finishing but nothing major. So what do you think?

See how I chose to make the lines come in instead of going out? I just liked it better this way plus the 'star' bit would have been to thick to sew under my sewing machine.

It was amazing difficult to get a good photo of this but this will have to do for now. I still think it looks cute :)

And so I have finished another project. I really hope I can work on my steampunk outfit tomorrow as I havent done anything about it for a while now and I also need to get the flight and the tickets etc... OMG... But at least for now I have new shorts and a new skirt and it only cost me about £4 in Dylon (which I also used to dye a top for the bf so basically only £2). I'm pleased!

Yes, very happy that this project is also done (and clearly in love with new shorts). I just love 'pimping' clothes right now and am even planning to hist yet another meetup event to help others do the same. I mean, why bother with ebay or charity shops if you can give your clothing a new life just by adding some stuff to them? Anyway, nearly midnight, time for bed!


  1. I love the shorts they are to cute. I have a favorite pair of jeans that fit just right, but they are a bit long this would be a good idea to try on them. I like the patches on the pockets as well nice touch. Your very crafty and I like your style.

  2. I am following you now thanks to Marketing Mondays! It would be nice if you could share back the love on my blog! Also if you need any help tweaking your blog or easy HTML tips, you know where to come;)
    Happy Monday!

  3. CUTE!!! I love your blog! Great ideas! I am your newest follower. Stop by Sassy Sites and say HI! :)

  4. You did great! I have never tried to sew jeans....scares me LOL
    You make me want to try.

  5. So cute! I love the upcycling.

  6. omigosh! Love the alterations, and the lines on that skirt are fabulous! My sister would dearly love to nick those shorts from you as well. :) thank you for linking up!

  7. Oh those shorts look great! Love the fabric trims!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  8. I've just found this after your email. I have dyed lots of things, but never jeans. They've turned out really well. I can well remember wearing flared jeans in the 70s, with flares as large as in the photo, but without the stitching. I think your new shorts look MUCH better than the original jeans. The trim around the bottom finishes them off well!


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