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Good morning everyone,
OMG, Halloween is such a stressful time! You (well maybe not you but definitely me) can only start carving pumpkins a week in advance really so everything has to be done in the next few days. Argh! But before we get to the pumpkins etc, let me share another costume with you :)

Two years ago (as last year I went to Salem and we had a quiet Halloween party indoors), I made a Sally costume. You know Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas? I always wanted to try this and I took the challenge head on. This was by the way the same year as the Spider Nightmare dress since we had a couple of parties to attend, and how could I show up at both parties with the same costume? LOL.

I still had some fabrics lying around, and bought the rest to match. I pieces everything together from polycotton pieces since that was quite cheap. The most expensive pieces were the pieces with print (yellow stripes and polka dots) so I only bought a little of those pieces as possible. It was actually impossible to find a pink swirly print or any of the other prints, so I sewed on the print with my sewing machine. (It's 7.30am here and am not quite awake yet but hoping am making sense). Here is a picture of the front:

So, like I said, I pieced it all together. I cut out the pattern for a dress, a random copy of something else really, and then cut the pattern to bits and used those for the 'quilt pieces'. In the end it would have been easier to make a top and a skirt as the horizontal line goes right down the middle, but in hindsight one always knows best ;) here you can see the sewn on details also, the pink swirl, everything on the green/turquoise bit, the checkers on the yellow on the bottom right. I also stitched wool along all the edges according the the reference picture.

The back was hardly seen in any picture so I wanted the movie (over and over and over, the bf went crazy! 'This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!) I tried keeping it as close to the original as possible. Yes, that black pice is definitely accurate LOL. The rest I kind of did with what I had left. I dont have a reference pic of the back since I didnt photograph my tv but if you watch the movie again, check it out and let me know what you think.

And then it was off to the party!
Now, before you say anything, I did what I told myself I shouldnt do, and that is put the scar on the wrong side of my face. Ouch!! But the rest looks pretty amazing :) I got the wig on eBay (USA of course) and it arrived just in time :) This was before I dared putting in contacts so I still had to wear my glasses. I used white tights with squigly worms on them as sleeves and legs so I didnt have to draw any scars myself. I had some striped jersey left for the legwarmers also. Oh yes and this is VERY IMPORTANT. October is FREEZING and why would I want to walk around in a little polycotton dress with obviously not very much underneath? Haahaa! I had lots of fleece left from an old project so I lined the whole thing with fleece! No need to hem that seperately, just zigzag over the whole lot and it looks perfect and is nice and toasty to boot :)

This party was organised by my Fancy Dress Group and I actually won Best Costume :) As you can see in the picture, am very proudly holding my trophy :) (excuse the mess, thats normal during peak season here)

I love this dress so much I really want to wear it again.... mmm, maybe this year? ;)

My dress!! was featured on Sawdust and Paper Scraps!! YAY!!

Update 2:

I WON!!! I won the Handmade Halloween Contest in the category costumes for 19yrs and over :) I am so pleased! :)

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  1. Excellent costume, you deserved to win!

  2. Wonderful job. It perfect.

  3. LOVE THIS! It's a great costume

  4. Amazing job!

    Submit itin my Handmade Halloween Contest - starts now!

    Party and Entertaining Inspiration

  5. You are one creative and talented lady! I love your Sally costume. It's the most creative costume I've seen!

  6. I love it! Thanks for linking up with Sassy Sites and sharing your homemade Halloween costume with us! :)



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