Goth Walk 23 - Post in Memory of Sophie Lancaster

Hi again everyone,
Originally I had another post planned for today but I decided on this one as four years ago today Sophie Lancaster got attacked by youths in Lancashire for dressing differently. I still can't believe anyone would do that, but I guess after the riots here this week it is sadly becoming more and more obvious that certain people think they can do anything they want.

But I dont want this to turn into a political blog or anything, it is just that tensions are high in the city at the moment and it seems to effect everything. I have even started watching the news! So in honour of Sophie Lancaster and basically everyone who wants to be themselves even if it means going out on the street wearing curlers in their hair, I share with you some photos of our fabulous Goth Walk 23 a few weeks ago.

This particular walk was led by a priest who has been part of the group for many years. The theme of the walk was 'Wells' and we were led to many places in London that used to have wells or even still do. The weather was great, the theme very interesting, and I had a friend visit so we had a lot of fun :)

It started off with a lovely breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien

Check out that spread, so yummy! One can't walk on an empty stomach after all ;)

And so we started. No, this is not a graveyard but some sort of monument and apparently there used to be a well here.

My friend actually took this picture so I cant claim this as mine but it was too good not to share :)

Told ya the weather was great! Plus I got to wear that new skirt I love so much now :)

Who says black is boring, it comes with print! Our priest's socks :)
Obviously we had moved on from the monument to a different location which was just next to a pub where they were showing the match of the day. We sure got some looks I can tell ya...

At another location in London. Everyone very interested in what is being said. I know this looks like a sermon but it really wasnt LOL

Most of the really good pics were made by the bf, who as you can see had a great time :) I think I took the food ones LOL

I just had to share this, it's not the best but check out my hair! I've been growing my hair for years and finally have them to a decent length :) Very proud :)

There is a funny story I have to share with you, it really should have been filmed but sadly it wasnt... Inside the Sadler's Well Theatre there was (and still remains) an actual well that was used in 1683 according to the plaque near the well. So naturally we went to see the well. As we were standing outside the theatre, our guide explained the backstory etc and someone from the theatre joined us as he was on his smoke break. The guide then said 'as we will be going inside and seeing the well for ourselves'. In a flash the guy from the theatre dropped his cigarette and ran inside arms waving shouting 'they're coming inside, they're coming inside!!!' It was soooo funny! Granted, we were about 20 people but surely harmless! We managed to be allowed to visit the well in small groups. Ok maybe after this hilarious (I think so anyway) story, a picture is well deserved. The one from the actual well didnt come out but this is the plaque with the info. It's still pretty cool :)

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and seeing the pics of our wonderful walk. It just goes to show that there is a lot more to people than you think :)


  1. This was a great post! When I go vacationing, I always like to wander off from the tourist path into the "locals only" spots. Its nice to get peek into life in London from my boring armchair in Texas. Great photos, looks like a good time.

  2. I remember reading the story on the attack of Sophie Lancaster & her boyfriend. Such a tragic event. Glad to hear that your walk went off without a problem. Love the dress you are wearing in the photos!

  3. Sophie Lancaster was such a brave girl! And thanks for sharing your walk, when London is your home town you kind of forget the rich hidden history!

  4. The story of Sophie Lancaster was new to me here in Germany
    and makes me really sad!

    The bf

  5. It's so sad to hear about Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend. There's so much sadness in the world.

    This post was so very interesting ... thanks for sharing it with me! I love love love your skirt!

  6. @Thorleif: you are not the bf hihi...


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