Holidays at Last - Part 4

As our time at the hotel had come to an end, we drove back to Rennes via Dinard which we had decided to visit. Dinard is a small coastal town about an hour's drive from Rennes and is completely lovely.

It had a gorgeous roman/gothic cathedral. I think the main building is roman and the little tourrets have been added later in the gothic era.

Some of the houses still had this really medieval look to them

I found this statue inside a courtyard, it was a giant bridge with lots of little people sculpted on here. I dont know about you, but I liked it :)

Dinard seemed to be a very touristy town, made obvious by tons of people with cameras hihi. So naturally there were lots of shops selling typical Breton things and even these little ships.

Passing the farmer's market where lots of jam was on display

The Jules Vernes fountain that I spotted on the way to the beach. The portrait had been completely laid in with little tiles, mosaic style.

Whoohoo! We had reached the beach! The only beach I've ever seen in England was Brighton and while it's nice, it has pebbles. This was much better :) And that thingy in the photo is seaweed, not hair. Just to clarify ;)

People were swimming, surfing, sunbathing... of course I had to splash about a bit too. The water really wasnt that warm but my feet were happy enough :) I was also very happy to have my hat that I had looked for in several shops as it really did get quite warm this week. I felt very Audrey Hepburn (while being fully aware that I look absolutely nothing like her LOL)

The bf didnt splash about, his shoes would have taken forever to take off hihi. But we did get this lovely beach photo. The perfect holiday snap :)

This was to be our last day in France, so we met up with yet more people once we got back to Rennes and enjoyed the last bit of French food. More on that tomorrow though!


  1. That castle is amazing! Looks like you had quite the good time on Holiday!


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