London Riots and a Tricky Project

Hi again everyone! It has been more than a week and even then I only posted a photo of my new teapot here... Not to fret, I have lots of things in the works but none of them are blog-ready yet.

As you may have heard, London has gone mad with riots and looters and the last few days have been very tense of a lot of people in the UK. Buildings were destroyed and burnt and yesterday they even broke into people's houses! This is one time I am a huge fan of social media networks as there is so much information on there, it is really helpful. So far tonight is fairly quiet, at least in my area. Now that the Prime Minister has deemed the situation worthy of cancelling his 2-month holiday, things seem to be a little bit more organised. However, it has only just gotten dark so who knows what will happen next? Let's not jinx it... I will not post pics or links of the riots as I refuse to promote these people who ruin other people's lives en masse for a few expensive (stolen!) items.

With regard to projects, I have spent the last week doing small sofa projects like mending my handbag, my favourite handbag of which the closure had come off and for which I had been using a safety pin for months. Many small injuries later, I finally decided to add velcro :) No pics as I didnt really feel this was blog worthy but it gives you an idea of the type of projects I'm working on right now.

A larger project that really needs to be finished soon, is my green linen medieval dress which I have been trying to make for years... The dress is sort of coming along, although it is sewn completely backwards... I sewed the bottom half together, then added the sleeves, but the waist line is still unsewn... It doesnt make sense! I'm just not feeling this dress but hope it will work out somehow... Once the waist is done, I can do the rest by hand (medieval style) and carry it around with me to work on it on the go. Not tonight though, just not feeling it.

And to make matters worse, I decided in the last minute not to make just a kirtle (a working class linen dress) but a short-sleeved cotehardie (more fitted according to my medieval pattern book) with a ton of buttons... great, even more work! So these are the buttons, only to be added to the front, not the sleeves. I doubt this dress will ever be done! Fingers crossed!

So to all of you in England/UK, be careful and be safe. To everyone everywhere else, keep your fingers crossed that this will be solved soon! In the meantime we'll keep crafting :)


  1. It's so awful watching the news about the UK just now - hope it calms down soon and gets back to normal!

    Happy crafting!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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