Holidays at Last - Part 5

As promised, something about the French food. WARNING: this post will make you hungry!

I do this thing where I photograph my food while on holidays. I just love food :) So here is a selection of what we had during our trip:

Dinner on the ferry, we had a three course meal and this was the dessert: Grand Marnier Souffle! Well, the bf got my drink and the souffle was a little undercooked but the pic is nice :)

Arrival in Rennes, galettes! I love galettes :) Galettes are Breton crepes and are made with 'black flour'. In Brittany, galettes are savoury and eaten as the main course, and crepes are sweet and eaten for dessert. This particular galette had cheese, mushrooms and egg.

Champagne and chocolates at the birthday party of the bf's mother

Closeup on the chocolates, they were very Halloweeny :) The white stuff was some sort of meringue, but I didnt try it. With all those dentist appointments I really kept the sweets to a minimum!

At the birthday dinner I had 'ris de veau' which according to Wikipedia is sweetbread. It actually wasnt bad! The bf was surprised at my (according to him) brave choice hihi.

Another Grand Marnier Souffle for dessert, but this one was soooo good! It was light and fluffy and was really just a puffy pancake. So of course I loved it! The bf was the happy recipient of the alcohol again so I could focus entirely on my dessert :) Who needs Grand Marnier when you have a souffle like this?

After one of our touristy visits we stopped for lunch: more galettes! This one was with tartiflette which is my favourite French dish (from the east of France so not always easily found in Brittany). So good!

We ate at the hotel one night during our stay and they had a very classy menu. As a started lobster tails with 'black flour tagliatelli' (which I really think were just strips of galette but hey I wasnt complaining)

The main was this lovely fish pot dish with asparagus. Points for presentation I should say :)

And for dessert I kept it simple: strawberries and vanilla ice-cream.

In Dinard I found a little cafe that did 'moules frites' which I love and again is nearly impossible to find in London. I love this picture also btw, it really makes me hungry!

Well, that was a selection of the food we had during our trip in France... Sadly enough it was time to go home after a week of holidays. Back to the ferry! But more on that tomorrow...


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