Holidays at Last - Part 1

Hi all!
I havent posted in about a week and that is because I was away on holidays :) The funny thing is that I had actually prepared several posts so no one would actually notice my absence but when I got back work was so busy and I am stressing to finish a dress that I just didnt get around to blogging... Plus we had a lot of photos to go through and while I really want to share some pics with all of you, I didnt really want to upload 300 photos! Yes, we were a little snap happy hihi.

Anyway, our holiday was lovely :) As we went to France I didnt have to organise anything which was absolutely fine by me! Ok maybe for one tiny mishap... you see, we somehow managed to forget to book the flight which we didnt realise until about 2 days before departure. Oops! Luckily we were able to book the ferry which took us to about the same place anyway but then we didnt have a room and on a 12-hour ferry overnight ferry trip not having a bed is kind of exhausting. In the last minute we booked a reclining seat which was an experience to say the least ;) but at last we were going!

The ferry to take us on holidays

First stop: the bar :) I tend to get seasick so all entertainment has to happen within the first 2 hours before I have to lie down. So far so good...

The morning after, some crafting while waiting to disembark. I wanted to post a breakfast pic originally but I really looked worse for wear in that one, plus this one kind of shows the creativity :)

Land, land! We have arrived :) The ferry terminal of St Malo, Brittany, France. From here we drove around Brittany to various locations.

After a looong nap at the hotel, we walked through Rennes a little bit. The weather was lovely!

On the main street we saw a crepe stand and given my love for anything pancakey, my Spidey sense was tingling. However, when I got closer I saw the size of this Nutella jar, check it out, it is insane! The sugar jar is the normal size so this Nutella jar must hold a kilo or so. Must find one of these... yumm!

As we walked some more through Rennes, we past the opera house which made me think of Battlestar Galactica that we had just finished watching LOL.

LinkRennes City Hall showing even the Gwenn-Ha-Du, the flag of Brittany

Some more lovely balconies, very different from London I can tell you!

This was of course not all we saw, but it was a really nice first day :) More tomorrow!


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