More Purple!

Morning everyone! I havent forgotten you or my crafting, but it has gotten soooo warm here suddenly (30C today!) that my crafting motivation has quite evaporated... But I've been cooking and mainly used some of the great recipes I posted last week. I even made the chocolate banana bundt cake for a friend's birthday and wasnt paying attention so added the chocolate in the beginning already. Oops! So for the marbling effect I added more chocolate so now I have a double chocolate banana bundt cake! I just hope my friend will like it... Pics will be added to this post as soon as I have them later on. :)

I did want to share something with you, and that would be my new PURPLE Le Creuset addition :) I was in TK Maxx the other day (TJ Maxx for the US people out there) and there it was, screaming 'buy me buy me for I am on sale and I am pretty', a lovely and perfect purple Le Creuset teapot :)

It took me forever to get a nice picture with it, but it looks amazing! It is an old model as the new ones have the two-tone like the pans but it is still lovely and the same colour as the bottom part of my LC pan I got for Christmas :)

And the price of this beauty? Only £9.99 instead of £23 anywhere else :) I realised I dont drink much tea as the bf has his teapot and we dont like the same tea. So now we have his and hers teapots and I can have tea to my heart's content. It kind of reminded me of the Disney movie 'Up' where they have his and hers chairs, his all square and manly and hers all curvy and feminine (see how I didnt say 'girly?' LOL). The same with our teapots now :)

Ok must dash and cut the cake or I will be late for work. I have finished some more projects but no pics yet, argh! Speak soon!


  1. Love your purple teapot!
    Just wanted to let you know I passed an award on to you!

    Thank you!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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