Trip to the London Death Trap

I had a lovely weekend :) I didnt do any crafting on Saturday, but I made up for it on Sunday. What was I doing on Saturday then that kept me away from my beloved sewing machine? Well, I'm so glad you asked :) A few months ago, I bought some tickets via Groupon for the London Death Trap. It looked like fun and the tickets were almost half off which was great :) -> CORRECTION: I just checked and they were actually 75% off meaning we only paid £3 instead of £12. Score! :)

As is turning out to be standard, I had forgotten about this voucher and it was about to expire on Saturday, so I dragged the bf out of the house and into the London Death Trap. It was hilarious!

We received a warm welcome...

...checked how much we had saved ;) Yes, I got the tix for £6.50!

The bf ad fun with the display...

...I got attacked by zombies...

...and even electrocuted and hacked with a chainsaw by the bf!

This was all prior to actually entering the Death Trap by the way. But it sure was fun :) Yes and totally morbid and what not, but as some of you might know, it is always Halloween when I'm around hihi...

Unfortunately I wasnt allowed to take pics inside but let me tell you what happened. We were strangely enough only 7 people going in at once, there was a little girl as well but she wanted to wait outside at the last second. Her little brother did go in and he was so cute! We had to walk through this really dark hallway and he was in the front. About half wayin, he turned around and said to me: 'you can go first'. So cute! The plot was that there was a lab and something went wrong and everyone got infected zombie-style. As we walked through the hallways people jumped around and tried to scare us. This part was fun but nothing spectacular. There was this 'mad scientist' room which looked amazing and we were more admiring the props than following the story really.

But then! OMG this was so funny! Through more corridors and more plot and more zombies we were herded into this cage. Not knowing what would happen, we waited. Enter more zombies and strobe light. Then... a voice... 'open the door'.... (door, what door)......I actually stoof next to it, woops! (ah a door, how convenient). I tried pulling the door open, nothing. I tried pushing the door open, nothing... 'slide the door'... (ok then). So I am pulling this door and pulling this door sideways like there is no tomorrow when all of a sudden sparks fly everywhere and I jump a foot into the air I was so startled. OMG my heart dropped for a sec. It was so funny! They really got me,I so did not see that coming... hahahaha...

As that was near the end, I was still laughing when I came out and still when we collected our picture. So it might not be as good as the London Dungeon, but I would recommend this for a good laugh and maybe even a scare ;)

On the way back we walked past Southbank where all the living statues are every weekend, and my favourite wizard was there again so I had to take another picture of course :) Well, we were being touristy after all!

Doesnt he look amazing!

So yes, my Saturday was great. When I got home I had a really nice long nap which was also very lovely of course :) And on Sunday I finished the baby gifts for my colleague :) But more on that later, I need my beauty sleep after all that scaring!


  1. Looks like loads of fun. Good for you. The Olde Baggg

  2. It looks like so much fun!! I really want to visit this when we get to London. If we ever get to London again. LOL I need to work harder and make more money.

  3. Now that's my kind of outing! I'm over here catching up, and this looks like such a fun day! When we make it to London, you two are going to have to show us where this is.


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